Friday, March 23, 2012

Discovering something hidden.....

We got up early to go to the Ohoka Farmers market this morning, its such a lovely way to start the day buying things that are grown with love and care.
On the way home we saw a sign for the Flaxton historic cemetery, we both love to find old graves with the echoes of the past calling. This graveyard was in a paddock with sheep running around and this great old iron gate. There was sadness on the stones, in 1874 a family lost a 10 year old daughter, only to be followed by two teenage sons 20 days later. My heart seems to beat heavier in places like this as if to remind me that time is a luxury we sometimes forget is a gift each day. 
We were standing looking at the light in the massive oak tree and hidden behind one of the headstones was a very big furry hare. 

Run bunny run!

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  1. Wonderful camera, pics, and both of you.
    Such a delightful post.

  2. Just lovely, as always. You are both so beautiful and whimsical and delightful... I would love to drive around and frloic in old graveyards with you two. Oh, and drink coffee.

    Sarah xxx

  3. that looks like a really lovely place, I need to go and explore some of our local graveyards x

  4. I love that you both notice natural beauty so much so that you had to stop and frolic in it! I love old cemeteries even the sad stories they tell. Have a great weekend love!

  5. Love the image of the big hare watching your every move! In my hometown there use to be a graveyard that was a total juggle that people had forgotten about. Then they turned it into a nature reserve and it's a lovely little place to have a walk around.

  6. I do love your blog posts! You and Warren love old cemeteries as much as Jon & I do, we're always hunting them down and wandering about, frolicking in them, too. xxx

  7. I agree - old cemeteries are wonderful places for reflection. So many histories. They are places that make me feel connected and disconnected at the same time. Your photos are beautiful.

  8. really enjoying your blog and vintage nouse since stumbling across your blog one late night recently...just linked to you in a post today...
    and you're on my sidebar for the next few months

  9. I LOVE cemetries. There is a fabulous Victorian one near us, I should take some pics to blog.
    You are so beautiful in these photos, I love them.
    LOVE the little hare. xxxx