My play date with Miss Helga.......

Sorry poppets I am so very behind with my posts.
This means you need to pretend it is last Friday and this is me so excited to go and have a play date with the truly fabulous Miss Helga.
As many of you know we went to the movies.
I had lunch with friends first so I wore the cardy and polka dot belt to that. The black knit bag was a present from Miss Helga and I pinned on the knit red rose.
A quick change and we went a little more glamorous for "My week with Marilyn", red ribbon around waist, red shoes, grandma's brooch, ring and evening purse both presents from Warren's mum.
Oh the silk velvet 40's black bolero was a present from Warren's lovely mum too.
The wool black cape with cream furry trim was taken but not worn it was just to hot.

love v

PS please have a wee peek at the "Squirrel Dapper Pack" giveaway and enter the draw to become a dapper wee squirrel.
 Its open to squirrels in other trees too ( that's squirrel talk for overseas)


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