Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My play date with Miss Helga.......

Sorry poppets I am so very behind with my posts.
This means you need to pretend it is last Friday and this is me so excited to go and have a play date with the truly fabulous Miss Helga.
As many of you know we went to the movies.
I had lunch with friends first so I wore the cardy and polka dot belt to that. The black knit bag was a present from Miss Helga and I pinned on the knit red rose.
A quick change and we went a little more glamorous for "My week with Marilyn", red ribbon around waist, red shoes, grandma's brooch, ring and evening purse both presents from Warren's mum.
Oh the silk velvet 40's black bolero was a present from Warren's lovely mum too.
The wool black cape with cream furry trim was taken but not worn it was just to hot.

love v

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 Its open to squirrels in other trees too ( that's squirrel talk for overseas)



  1. Oh my goodness that bolero is AMAZING!!!

  2. That red ribbon just makes the whole oufit for me! That bolero is so adorable. xx

  3. You look gorgeous you suit the 50's style with such beauty. Your dress is beautiful i love it with the black velvet bolero and the red ribbon just sets it off a treat. Your black bag with the gold clasp is lovely. dee x

  4. I adore everything you are wearing soooooooooooo much, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Loving the bigger pics, my dearest friend

  5. You look absolutely amazing,the whole combo is beautiful xx

  6. that cape is divine! I'm soooo jealous! xxxx

  7. That bolero is exceptional with that divine frock, Miss V! I bet the pair of you gorgous girls got lots of attention. xxx

  8. Woweeeee! You look so divine & sophisticated Miss V! And something rather strange is that I have what looks like that exact ring you are wearing (the red one)...it was passed onto me many years ago by an Aunty. We must be two peas in a pod I think! Xx

  9. You look beautiful. Absolutely.

  10. Aaaaah! I love the knitted purse with the rose on it and the red bird brooch and the second bag and the red bow around your waist and what I'm completely stunned is the wool cape. So, so so nice! I must try to get me a similar one. It's gorgeous!

  11. You look so pretty today. You really suit black with red accents xx

  12. You were heavenly enough in person on the day,but these pix make me all swooooony!
    I adore how you amped that gorgeous frock up,from lucnheon to red carpet,pow! Just like that!
    Truly exquisite,my dear Miss V!

  13. Oooooh that's one gorgeously hard-working frock for mama!!!!!! She deserved to see a little petticoat action for Marilyn and Helga that's for sure ... you are really something woman!! The fur cape and bolero **swooooooooooooooooooon** xoxoxoxoox

  14. You are so friggin beautiful! I saw these pictures on Helgas blog or some of them~ man you look sweet love! The black wool cape with cream trim is cuter than puppies eating ice cream!