Thursday, March 1, 2012

Can you get brain cells in your coffee?

We are both so terribly tired!
I have a very mushy head that is filled with photographs, postage, measurements and on-line stuff.
Taking a coffee break at a cafe is a great way to get out of the studio and recharge.
I did ask Warren if he could get me a coffee with brain cells please. Tee Hee!!!
Happiness is a wee squirrel coming in the mail from a gorgeous friend, thanks Hannah. Check out Hannah's blog Boo Love Vintage.
Sir Squirrel was so cute, we had a wee dance together.

love v


  1. CUTE squirrel!! I hope you do get some rest soon you two. You're so lucky to have a partner who is as passionate as you are about vintage. xxx

  2. Oh you two beautiful squirrels. I wish I were there to give you both a big hug, tuck you into a lovely warm bed and bring you hot chocolate and homemade pancakes. You are both so gorgeous and I wish you wonderful, wonderful things. Perhaps I shall move to NZ. Some of the loveliest people are there. BIGGEST HUGS. Sarah xxx

  3. I bet you and Warren are SOOOO busy - but it will be worth all the hard work. I could do with some extra brain cells in my coffee too!
    You are such a gorgeous couple, and Sir Squirrel is adorable! xxxxx

  4. Love how you rehome little squirrels! I could totally do with some more brains in my coffee any day!

  5. That squirrel is just perfect, a fabulous talisman for your new venture. x

  6. So glad wee squirrel has a good home! Love your mustard cardigan, so pretty xxx Hope you guys are able to have a good few days off to rest soon :) Can't wait to see the online store!xxxx

  7. Ha,I WISH I could get brain cells with my coffee!!!
    Lovely coffee pix,you two are so scrummy,and you look like a dream......sweet little squirrel!
    O,my,crazy for that cardi last post!EEEK!
    Your poor brains,you both must be very tired,but it'll all pay off,I feel it in my waters!

  8. Oh goodness, I wish you could as well. I am in the same place as you at the moment - overwhelmed and stressed and insanely busy!! Here's hoping that both of us get some new brain cells soon. xx