Monday, March 19, 2012

A "Squirrel Dapper Pack" Giveaway.........

Ok before the excitiment of the "Squirrel dapper Pack"
Look at my cute "Red Shoes" I felt like a five year old today with them on, I just wanted to skip, jump in puddles and climb trees.
When I grow up I'm still going to wear red patent leather shoes.
So there......

Anyhow what is a "Squirrel Dapper Pack" I hear you all sing with glee.........
Well my super lovely poppets if you go to
and follow us there
you can go into
the draw
to win

nuts I tell you.....


  1. oh it looks gorgeous! I'm off to check it out!

  2. Looks fab. I've followed you over there. Don't worry if its not open to international readers though! xx

  3. Btw, those shoes are the bees knees xx

  4. I had those exact shoes when I was little too! I refused to wear shoes then, how times have changed!

  5. How cute are you???? I had red shoes just like that when I just started walking as a 1 year old. I'll have to dig out the photo of them. The dapper pack sounds very exciting! Xx

  6. Love these shoes, this gorgeous outfit and your beautiful smile, V! Red, white and blue forever!

    Sarah xxx

  7. My favourite kind of shoes! And red no less... Much faster red. Oh and the hat the brooch... Perfect. Must dash, I have a squirrel dapper pack to collect :-)

  8. I love those shoes, Missy V! I remember having a pair of Clarks' ones remarkably similar when I started school in 1971! You look gorgeous. I'm off to check out your generous giveaway! x

  9. Oh how I love your school girl red shoes amor!
    beautiful outfit Miss V,I a big fan of red and blue colors.
    going to check out your page.;)

  10. There is something about red shoes . . . they are one of my favorite things in this world of ours. I have a hard time when I find a comfortable pair of shoes and they don't come in red. If I owned a shoe factory every shoe I made would come in red. I wish I could put on a pair and skip down the side walk with you. You look and sound like a very happy and wonderful young lady. Your fan and devoted follower, Connie. Come visit, my welcome mat is always out.

  11. This is so wonderful! A wee French girl with a rabbit pin. I love this look! I know the feeling about red shoes - you just want to play.

  12. Squee,what fabulous shiny shoes you have,Miss V!
    Splendid with that lovely pussy bow frock!
    Dapper pack?! That could have G's name all over it!

  13. I am totally jelous of your shoes!! *EEEP* They are so cute.