Friday, April 26, 2013

In the pink........

Hello Sweet-peas....

I think a pink dress always makes me feel happy, especially when it comes from the very beautiful Vix's fabulous on-line shop "Kinky Melons". When the parcel arrived from the UK last week I was so excited. On opening it I found that Vix's had also included a wee gift,  two kiddies books that belonged to her mum, it was so special. Thank you!!!
The dress went perfectly with the white tights that were a birthday gift from the scrumptious Miss Helga, and the pink bunny brooch I made from a scrap of children's fabric.

Happiness is a pink dress......

Love V

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Biddies" is part of the story...........

Hello my lovely sweet-peas......

Oh welcome to some lovely new followers.......

This made us realise that we had not up-dated "The Squirrel Story" on the top menu, its been two months since we moved into St Brigids.
It was a perfect time to take a few pics of us in our new space.
Now its all up to date.
Thats worth jumping 


Love V&W

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just potting around........

Hello sweet-peas....

At "St Biddies" we are hoping to have a very large herb garden one day, so I have made a start by moving these old wash tubs to outside the front door.
I planted parsley, mint and thyme in the old tubs, and in an old bucket I put some sage from the cuttings I have had in water for a few weeks.
Mr Mao was on hand to help, and take a drink from the watering can.
It was a little chilly so it was the perfect day to wear the yummy green knit jumper I found at the Hospice shop in Dunedin last week. This is not the best colour or style for me to wear but I just loved it  and if you are just potting around who cares.

I hope you have all had the most happy weekend potting around too.......

Love V

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hi Sweet-peas.....

Yip I had to do it, sorry.......

An Autumn leaf post!!!!

It is just so incredibly beautiful all around us at the moment. Many years ago I remember wanting to spend some time in Lawrence to photograph the amazing Autumn colors. 
 Wow I never thought I would be living here......hmm time and circumstances have a funny way of making some things you wish for come true.

love V

Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm out in the garden picking corn pa.........

Hi Sweet-peas.....

For some reason I want to put on some southern belle accent when I say "I am picking corn".....hmmmm. 
As you can see we have harvested the sweet-corn from the veggie garden, its so yummy, but I am not to sure what to do with the large amount, their are only so many times you want it for tea. 
Warren made scrumptious corn fitters the other night which were great with chillie-sauce, and I think I might try making a corn soup or chowder.

The Autumn season is really here which has meant a chill in the air most days. So I was pretty happy to find a couple vintage cashmere jumpers tucked away safely. They were a gift from a lovely lady when we lost the shops. This one has a cute wee bow and buttons,  my goodness I have not really worn cashmere before, but it is divine. I can understand why its so expensive to buy.

Ok off to look up more recipes that use corn......

Love V

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Hello Sweet-peas.

I have been busy catching up on posting a few things, its been fun making cards from the collection of what I call "Over loved books". They are the ones that have ripped covers, little people artwork and pages missing, I pick them up at garage sales and op-shops, ready to cut up the pictures. 
 Also at the moment its even better as New Zealand Post has just released the "Margaret Mahey" stamps.......oh I was so excited, I bought them on the first day out. The lady behind the counter who had the personality of a slug could not understand my fuss over them.
"The lion in the meadow" is my favorite.
Now because "St Biddies" is a RD (rural delivery) we can post from our own letter box, I think the novelty will never wear off........Just pop up the little red flag to tell the postie that you have something to collect and off it goes.

All rugged up for the BIG walk to the letter box, I am wearing one of my new vintage cardigans, I have changed the buttons, not sure if they work???
The pom- pom hat was a $2 Sallies find on Monday, Yay.
Right must make more cards tomorrow.

Love V

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Keep the home fires burning...........

Brrrr Hi Sweet-peas....

The weather has just gone from the lovely remains of summer to so so cold.
We had a lovely town day yesterday in Dunedin, op-shopping, birthday present finding and stocking up on groceries.
 When we got home to wee "St Biddies" it was freezing inside, so as you can see I made a quick dash to the wood pile which we have been busy squirreling away for Winter. It took a bit of hard work to move and sort out the big barrels to keep the wood dry and then collecting lots of dry sticks as fire starters, but it great to have it all ready in one place.
I still hope we can get a few pine-cone collecting days in soon too.

I was asked how I made the rose-water and what I was using it for,  I am hoping to make a moisturizer out of some and use the rest as a linen spray. Thank you for all the lovely comments on it.

The making was delightful and so simple:

*Take 2cups of rose petals (spray free)
*4 cups of boiling water

*Place in bowl (heatproof)with a plate on top, leave to steep for a few hours(or over night)

*Strain to remove petals and pour into a clean bottle.

*You can add 2 Tbsp of gin, this will help it last longer

*Store in a cool place for up to month or more.

It's so much fun and the colour is heavenly.

Stay warm poppets

Love V

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A rosy wee weekend...........

Hello Sweet-peas!!!!
Or is that my little rose-buds???

We have had the most lovely weekend with happy visits from two lots of friends.
I was pleased to be finally feeling better after the horrible tummy bug.
I was feeling positively rosy, so I decided to make some rose-water from the last soft rose- petals in the garden. What a simple process and look at the truly beautiful rose pink colour when its finished.
I was so happy with the result I decided to make some more, so with help from the gorgeous Mirabel another batch was brewed.
The weather has changed and you can see the trees sighing as they drop their autumn leaves.
The wee pink cardigan I am wearing was a op-shop buy a few weeks ago, its such a sweet pink and I love the knit pockets. I think the precious woolen knits are going to be a main wardrobe feature from now on.