Keep the home fires burning...........

Brrrr Hi Sweet-peas....

The weather has just gone from the lovely remains of summer to so so cold.
We had a lovely town day yesterday in Dunedin, op-shopping, birthday present finding and stocking up on groceries.
 When we got home to wee "St Biddies" it was freezing inside, so as you can see I made a quick dash to the wood pile which we have been busy squirreling away for Winter. It took a bit of hard work to move and sort out the big barrels to keep the wood dry and then collecting lots of dry sticks as fire starters, but it great to have it all ready in one place.
I still hope we can get a few pine-cone collecting days in soon too.

I was asked how I made the rose-water and what I was using it for,  I am hoping to make a moisturizer out of some and use the rest as a linen spray. Thank you for all the lovely comments on it.

The making was delightful and so simple:

*Take 2cups of rose petals (spray free)
*4 cups of boiling water

*Place in bowl (heatproof)with a plate on top, leave to steep for a few hours(or over night)

*Strain to remove petals and pour into a clean bottle.

*You can add 2 Tbsp of gin, this will help it last longer

*Store in a cool place for up to month or more.

It's so much fun and the colour is heavenly.

Stay warm poppets

Love V

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