Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hi Sweet-peas.

In this world their are good bugs.....
like travel-bugs, jitter-bugs and lady-bugs

I unfortunately have a very BAD BUG.....


Which means I have been a snuggly-bug in bed.

This is the pretty house-coat I bought at "Sallies" last week for $4.00, these pics were taken before a little bug decided to play in my tummy.
Mr Gingham pants bunny was a Easter present to myself, found in Sallies too...

I have snuck out of bed to post this and watch "Alice in Wonderland" on DVD.

Night night sweet-peas
sleep tight and.....
don't let the bed bugs bite.

Love V


  1. Get well soon Miss V. Nothing worse than a yucky ole tummy bug. I do love your wee gingham bear but your dress takes first prize today, what a beautiful floral print. Super sweet x

  2. I do hope you are feeling better soon. Tummy bugs are rotten.
    Your dress is so pretty ... what a fabulous find.
    M x

  3. Get better soon Vanessa! Love your shoes :)

  4. What a wonderful film, full of whimsy.
    Get well soon.

    Warm blessings x

  5. That's a very gorgeous house coat. Good score. Tummy bug not so good... So horrid. I had one on day one of our easter trip away.. only 12 hours thankfully and noone else got it which was a relief (we stayed with 29 people!)

    Hope all is going well down there in your beautiful new home. x

  6. I hope you get over that nasty tummy bug soon V.
    I love your v. pretty frock and your little bunny.
    Take care x

  7. beautiful dress. u look a million bucks!

    get better soon


  8. Oh tummy bugs are the worse I hope they flee quickly.
    On the upside you are a picture in such pretty pink and blue, just gorgeous with that smile of yours. Hello sweet gingham bunny. X

  9. How nasty, I hope your feeling right as rain soon. I adore that dress - the flowers are so pretty!

  10. You're shoes are so cute as is the Easter bunny. That's too bad that you're so ill. Hope you're recovering soon. Alice in Wonderland will be a good remedy. Get well soon.

  11. You look amazing! So cute and colorful!
    Lovely Easter bunny:)! Kisses x x x x

  12. $4.00? WOW! It's gorgeous! This color combo looks perfect with your skin and hair! Beautiful...

    Hope you feel better soon!


  13. *Oh no yucky bugs*
    I had one too a couple weeks ago.
    Too bad I didn't have anything as cute as you do to wear.... "well maybe I did but I never thought about it.... I just wore Reindeer pajamas" *LOL*
    Now I shall remember next time to wear something fabulous. The bug might leave sooner. ;)
    I adore your little bunny!

  14. Sallies is the best! That is a great frock and what a fabulous price too. Your little bunny is so sweet and you found him just at the right time of year.

    Hope you feel better soon, having a tummy bug is wretched! xxx

  15. Oh, no! Feel better, Sweets! I adore your dress, and little bunny! You are lovely. :) XO

  16. I haven't visited our Sallies for weeks, I'm desperate to go now! That house coat is a triumph, you look beautiful and the bunny is adorable! xxx

  17. Oh no, I am so sorry you have been sick. Hope you are feel better now. The house coat is lovely and the little bunny is a real cutie. Take care :-)

  18. Only you could make a house coat look this sweet. I do hope your tummy is feeling better. I love to sip a nice cup of ginger ale to calm mine down.

  19. That housecoat makes the most beautiful dress, what a beautiful print. And Mr Gingham Pants is a real cutie.
    Hope you are on the mend, stomach bugs are so horrible. Take care, darling! xxx

  20. beautiful housecoat! have you added a pretty petticoat underneath? Hope you feel better soon! xx

  21. Bugger. You've got the right idea, though. rest and recuperation!
    Darling frock.
    Hopefully you're over the nasty by now!