Hello Sweet-peas.

I have been busy catching up on posting a few things, its been fun making cards from the collection of what I call "Over loved books". They are the ones that have ripped covers, little people artwork and pages missing, I pick them up at garage sales and op-shops, ready to cut up the pictures. 
 Also at the moment its even better as New Zealand Post has just released the "Margaret Mahey" stamps.......oh I was so excited, I bought them on the first day out. The lady behind the counter who had the personality of a slug could not understand my fuss over them.
"The lion in the meadow" is my favorite.
Now because "St Biddies" is a RD (rural delivery) we can post from our own letter box, I think the novelty will never wear off........Just pop up the little red flag to tell the postie that you have something to collect and off it goes.

All rugged up for the BIG walk to the letter box, I am wearing one of my new vintage cardigans, I have changed the buttons, not sure if they work???
The pom- pom hat was a $2 Sallies find on Monday, Yay.
Right must make more cards tomorrow.

Love V

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