Sunday, October 30, 2011

Getting ready for the squirrel day

Special present!!

After a few tears last night over the shops, it was time to pull up the socks and open the nest in the backyard.
The day started in the most wonderful way!!!!! Maree and Sarah came out and gave me this amazing wee squirrel brooch. Mr Squirrel has beautiful jade leaves, the wee card that came with him said it would bring it's owner fortune and tranquility. Very needed.
Oh thank you ladies, he was the perfect present today. I just think he's wonderful.

Cute hair clips

Handmade Michael & Maisie fabric rose clips brought from a market on Saturday.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

In the CBD

Well after a very very long time the re-start for the Cashel Mall opened today. We went to see our gorgeous friends who have opened in the containers. "Hapa" is the most fabulous new shop, so much great treasure, Xmas shopping for sure.
While we were in there we had the opportunity to see what was our old Two Squirrels vintage space, now a carpark and Tete a Tete vintage, well as you can see pretty sad.
Strange night, happiness for the people we love dearly and wish all the best for in there new shop, sadness to see what was left of the two spaces that were such a big part of our lives.

This was our space

Marks the spot

All gone!!

5 months

It had been 5 months since I stood this close to our wee shop. It is heart breaking to see her like this.

Still locked out

All gone!

Poor old girl!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I am in love......

On Sunday my very gorgeous friend Christina gave me some vintage treasure, I was very excited, no hyperventilating when in the bottom of the bag was this absolutely amazing coat. For the next hour poor Mr Warren had to hear me saying "I am so in love with that coat". Now it is a wee bit small for me, but I am serious I would have had a limb removed to get this gem on.
Also I may have to say a big sorry to everyone as I wished it to be cold today so I could wear her. Ooops!
Is she not worth it????
Make: Senior Miss by Junior Fashions
Circa: 50's wool green/grey stripe.
Worn with a 40's silk scarf and my Bakelite red dahlia brooch. Dress: Laura Ashley.
Thank you Christina, I am so happy!!!!
Love V

Look at the collar!!!!

Oh so happy

Look at the back!!!!!!

Little knot

Detail on the back

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crazy yellow day

So I went on a little yellow journey today, sorry not a yellow brick road.
I have decided that I really don't suit yellow as a main garment, but because I do love the colour, it's accessories I need.
Centre stage, the cute wee yellow shoes, thank you op-shop on Thursday.
Worn with my teal 60's dress and yellow tie around waist.
So then all day in the nest everything with yellow on it seemed to stand out.
My little yellow honed eyes spotted this very cool book in the shop. Well then sweet-peas I started to read it, and then it became a lesson on bumble bees. I never knew that Australia does not have bumble bees, also they are known as humble bees. Oh this is great, thank you Crosbie Morrison, who was one dapper chappie.
Spent the rest of the day bumble bee hunting!
So ends Vanessa's nature talk.

Little yellow toe holders!!!!

Nature Talks

Here little bumble bee!!!!

Mr Morrison you are cool!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Frankie dress

After reading "Frankie" yesterday I decided to wear the dress I had made when we were in "Spaces" by Frankie.
I forgot how much I loved the pattern, orange roses with the fabulous green background.
It's seems crazy to look at the feature in the "Spaces" now and realize that it's all gone. Oh but we have lovely memories.
So here's to new memories being made in the new home of Tete a Tete and Two squirrels!!!! Our backyard Nest.

Orange roses

Follow the arrow

Sign out

Friday, October 21, 2011

Not all bad!!

I said yesterday that I still get very sad about the shops being squashed, well there are a few good things about having a shop at home.
As you can see below!!!

Coffee break with the pussy cat

Taking a break

Frankie in the mail!!!!!

Dragonfly brooch

Sometimes vintage treasures come to you through lovely hands.
This wee brooch was given to me by Warren's mum, from her friend Lynette, who was given it by another friend. Oh I love that all that wonderful energy is given to beautiful objects.