Crazy yellow day

So I went on a little yellow journey today, sorry not a yellow brick road.
I have decided that I really don't suit yellow as a main garment, but because I do love the colour, it's accessories I need.
Centre stage, the cute wee yellow shoes, thank you op-shop on Thursday.
Worn with my teal 60's dress and yellow tie around waist.
So then all day in the nest everything with yellow on it seemed to stand out.
My little yellow honed eyes spotted this very cool book in the shop. Well then sweet-peas I started to read it, and then it became a lesson on bumble bees. I never knew that Australia does not have bumble bees, also they are known as humble bees. Oh this is great, thank you Crosbie Morrison, who was one dapper chappie.
Spent the rest of the day bumble bee hunting!
So ends Vanessa's nature talk.

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