Monday, October 10, 2011

Nanna Nessie

Today we went into Rangiora for lunch. It was a lovely day and so I made the most of it and popped on my new dress. I brought it last week from Shelley at Ménage A Trois in New Brighton.
While we were sitting in the window at a cafe, I turned to Mr Warren and said "that young girl is wearing far to much make-up for her age". His reply was that was pure Nanna. Yip I am really a Nanna at heart. Nice!


  1. Ha! I say things like that too. I like being a nana. :)

    Hope the first dresses arrive soon!! I'm nervous about it - I really hope I did a decent job.

  2. Gorgeous frock,darl!! You look beautiful!
    I knew I was getting older the first time I saw some drunk some girls out and about and I wondered if their Mothers knew where they were.....yeah.Nana.It's all good!

  3. I love the colours on that one! I was planning on a suprise visit last sunday, but of course sicky bug decided to show up on that day..hope you loves are enjoying the spring sun, and extra long days of light..not a nanna, just concerned about silly young girls. They really can be quite silly though. x