Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Frankie dress

After reading "Frankie" yesterday I decided to wear the dress I had made when we were in "Spaces" by Frankie.
I forgot how much I loved the pattern, orange roses with the fabulous green background.
It's seems crazy to look at the feature in the "Spaces" now and realize that it's all gone. Oh but we have lovely memories.
So here's to new memories being made in the new home of Tete a Tete and Two squirrels!!!! Our backyard Nest.


  1. OMG I love that frock!!!
    Frankie is a really good magazine,the only one I will buy new-but I missed the issue with you in it!!Poo!Will want to see,if you don't mind,next time I'm out!At least the memory lives on in a cool and funky way!Besides,wait til they get a load of your fabulous new space!XXX

  2. totally love this frock Vanessa!!!

    Leah X

  3. Frankie's "spaces" was how I found you and I instantly wanted to be your best friend :-)

    That dress is sooooo beautiful, as are many of yours! You still have your gorgeous home in Rangiora, Daisy Boo and Mr W, and now the "pop-up" shop! And you have US, your dedicated readers!

    Big hugs, Dee x

  4. Keep on being groovy.
    The CBD will be swinging again soon enough.