A rosy wee weekend...........

Hello Sweet-peas!!!!
Or is that my little rose-buds???

We have had the most lovely weekend with happy visits from two lots of friends.
I was pleased to be finally feeling better after the horrible tummy bug.
I was feeling positively rosy, so I decided to make some rose-water from the last soft rose- petals in the garden. What a simple process and look at the truly beautiful rose pink colour when its finished.
I was so happy with the result I decided to make some more, so with help from the gorgeous Mirabel another batch was brewed.
The weather has changed and you can see the trees sighing as they drop their autumn leaves.
The wee pink cardigan I am wearing was a op-shop buy a few weeks ago, its such a sweet pink and I love the knit pockets. I think the precious woolen knits are going to be a main wardrobe feature from now on.


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