Friday, March 16, 2012

Scruffy wee travelling squirrel........

This is me in my very much just throw something in the bag and go outfit.
Scruffy but comfortable.
We had such a great adventure in our little car over lots of big mountains to the other side of
the South Island.
We had fun finding treasure in the op-shops and I will show some of the cool stuff we found later.

It was just nice to be in another reality and appreciate the beautiful country we live in.

to see the rest of our wee trip got to

love v


  1. I don't think you could ever look scruffy! Such a beautiful place to take photos too! xx

  2. Looks lovely, but I agree with Em, you always look like a well turned out young lady

  3. I love this outfit! This scruffy pfft! You really wouldn't want to see my attire then lol Hey... We have the same car, only mine is baked bean orange... I love it. I love it's smell, it's sound and it's amazing boot size. Oh and I love it's happy face and it's happy horn. Love your blog :-)

  4. Not scruffy at all! Beautiful!

    Thank you so much for the gorgeous package - it brightened my whole day. David loved the monogrammed handkerchief and I especially love the little kitty brooch! Mink also approves. :)

  5. Love that dress - and the outfit is fair from scruffy!

  6. You are the most cute wee scruffy squirrel I have ever seen! Your hat and scarf are bitty nuts of colour, and I love the yoke of your dress with the wide collar and darts! Maybe you are a wee French squirrel.

  7. Scruffy? Not at all! I love you in that grey dress, Miss V. xxx

  8. Beautiful outfit! Beautiful scenery!

  9. Scruffy?! WTF?!
    You look jolly stylish,my dear Miss V!Confy AND fabulous!
    Just the way I yearn to travel!

  10. Adorable beret and scarf! =)

  11. Hola amor!
    You look lovely in grey dress and cute beret.
    I am an avid beret wearing girl.
    Any amiga of Helgita's is cool in my books.
    Thanks for stopping by my humble blog.