Friday, July 13, 2012

A little basket case........

Today I went to the Ohoka farmers market with my gorgeous friend Katherine, it was just lovely to relax and wander around buying yummy things. We had the most lovely playtime together.
Anyhow this is not me today but last week when I went to the market.
I have been enjoying "double dressing" inspired by the exquisitely talented Melanie, who does it in the most creative way. I am wearing a 80's shift dress with a peter pan collar, with a grey pinafore over top, it was so warm to wear. The grey wool coat is a favorite and so lends to a  wonderful question from the Vivacious Vix, How many coats does the squirrel own??????
Stay tuned my lovely sweet peas I will be making a confession in the next post. I suggest you may be able to use this answer any time you want to make a point with a loved one to justify a purchase.
Oopps I brought another basket at the Recycle Shop, they are on the "NO MORE BASKETS NESSIE" list. I am such a little rat squirrel.

Have a wonderful weekend.

love v 


  1. How wonderful, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. The double dressing is a must for my next winter, the peter pan collar under the grey pinafore is brilliant and warm!
    The huge basket is lovely! Can't wait to listen to 'the coats revelation' next time!

  3. Naughty Nessie! You must have tonnes of coats, but they're so gorgeous, who cares? I love the double dressing idea and I hope you don't mind but when I was with Vix I did see a school pinny just like yours that I was very tempted to buy. You are just the cutest! xxxxx

  4. Oh Miss V, such pretty double dressing!
    Have you got a coat to match every beret? Bet it's coming close!
    And you can always find room for another basket, it would be rude not to!
    Have a gorgeous weekend. xxxxx

  5. You're looking delightfully like an Edwardian schoolgirl again V. I love those boots. I think strolling around a market gathering a basketful of fresh produce sounds so traditional and charming. I'm totally with you that you can never have too many coats x

  6. You do warm snugly like no one. The double dress looks great on you, you really have a look like no one else and your smile could seriously melt snow. Can't wait to hear how many coast. I'm going to guess and say 48 :)

  7. You can never have too many coats (I've come back from the charity shop run with 2 more today, tut tut) and I'm dying for you to count yours! I love this outfit and the bucket bag makes me smile especially, she's a little beauty! x

  8. Your basket case has gone squirrelly! Squirrels can never have too many baskets or mini nests. These neutrals sing with your beautiful red bag and the piping on the collar of your dress (which you wore under your smock and you mentioned my name?! heehee!) and that marvellous smile. I'm glad you're warm and cozy.

  9. You're always so beautifully put together and super cute. Totally with you on coats and jackets, and I have a basket weakness too, although I try to limit them to one per European holiday purchase! Have a lovely weekend x

  10. For a minute I thought you were going to climb inside that giant basket and ride away!
    You look gorgeous Vanessa!

  11. Ooh I love the idea of double dressing, I love that look! You definitely can't have too many coats-there's always another one around the corner that is just perfect, and then another.....and then another.... :-) xx

  12. Double dressing is such a good idea, especially with the cold weather we've been having. I might have to copy you and try it. That coat is lovely. Can't wait to hear how many you have.

  13. Double Dressing = Double Warm!
    Am I double dressing when I wear two pairs of socks?
    Let's catch up soon lovely lady.
    Cup of tea and a treat?

  14. So you're still in town?!
    I've missed you,and selfishly am glad you haven't sold the house yet.....naughty Helga....
    You're looking beautiful,and I LOVE the haircut!!!!
    SO pretty!
    Looking forward to catching up!

  15. Double dresses - that's genius! I do double tights often but not double dresses - your 2 dresses look great together. Looking forward to seeing just how many coats you have xoxox

  16. Oh that coat is simply gorgeous!!!!!!! It looks like one that Lucy would have worn in Narnia:). At least you can justify your coat collection considering the cold climate. How do I explain a wardrobe RAMMED with coats, jackets, capes and furs in Brisbane?!!!!!!! Oh I love that red lippy on you lovey:)) xxoooo

  17. I love your bag and basket! Love your pictures! Have a nice day

  18. Oh you are so timeless and gorgeous, little squirrel. I just want to pinch your cheeks... and your wardrobe! How many coats... 20? 38? 100???

    Sarah xxx

  19. the basket isn't so small ... love baskets!

  20. Love this outfit! The coat & frock work so well together. Love those collars. Xx