A little basket case........

Today I went to the Ohoka farmers market with my gorgeous friend Katherine, it was just lovely to relax and wander around buying yummy things. We had the most lovely playtime together.
Anyhow this is not me today but last week when I went to the market.
I have been enjoying "double dressing" inspired by the exquisitely talented Melanie, who does it in the most creative way. I am wearing a 80's shift dress with a peter pan collar, with a grey pinafore over top, it was so warm to wear. The grey wool coat is a favorite and so lends to a  wonderful question from the Vivacious Vix, How many coats does the squirrel own??????
Stay tuned my lovely sweet peas I will be making a confession in the next post. I suggest you may be able to use this answer any time you want to make a point with a loved one to justify a purchase.
Oopps I brought another basket at the Recycle Shop, they are on the "NO MORE BASKETS NESSIE" list. I am such a little rat squirrel.

Have a wonderful weekend.

love v 

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