Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday afternoon...... Lets go to the cinema.....

We have had the most lovely weekend in Geraldine.
My mum and dad came to stay at the camping ground for the night, they stayed in one of the very nice chalets with on-suite bathroom, I was a bit envious being a gypsy squirrel.
The weather has been gorgeous and we have had a great look around this quaint wee town.
Mum gave me a wee present, the pretty compact was my grandmothers, I just love the colour.
After mum and dad left today we decided to go to the movies, well what a wonderful experience.
The owners where just so lovely they let us look at the old projector room and photograph around the place. The cinema is just amazing and at $10.00 to see a movie it was such an affordable experience  for the touring squirrels. This also meant I could get more treats at the "candy bar" Yay!!!

We so wish we were here for next weekend, because Don McGlashan is performing at the Cinema! If you want to find out more we have put a link on our Facebook Page.

Tomorrow we are off to a big Market in Winchester and Ashburton so excited!!

Love V&W


  1. WOW! What a brilliant cinema in Geraldine! Fantastic! I can just SMELL it! I wonder what movie you saw..
    And how triff to meet up with your folks!

    Happy Days!


  2. That looks like a fantastic cinema and so sweet of the owners to let you peek behind the scenes. I love the compact and the fact that it was your grandmother's makes it so much more special.

    Nikki x

  3. What fun - that cinema is GORGEOUS! Sarah xxx

  4. What a gorgeous cinema. I'm so happy there's still some old skool ones left, I loathe those hideous multiplexes! xxx

  5. That old cinema looks beautiful. So is your grandma's compact. So are you! xxx

  6. you lucky Squirrels! That cinema looks magical. I adore your hair! and I love the compact xxx

  7. Oh My - the cinema in Geraldine is so adorable! Also, only $10 to see a movie, wow, that's amazing.

    Your Grandma's compact is so beautiful - its lovely you could catch up with your parents on your travels:)

  8. How cute! I'm embarrassed to say that I've never even heard of Geraldine. How did I miss that on my South Island travels?? I had to go and google it.

  9. What a gorgeous cinema. I love Geraldine. Such a cute town. That campact is lovely and even more special because it belonged to your grandma.

  10. Your Compact is absolutely lovely! What a fantastic gift.
    The Cinema looks so cool!

  11. I am loving these pictures like a warm cup of my favorite hot chocolate with whipped cream. These pictures tell stories :) Those old theaters are a dying breed how wonderful to see experience and appreciate them! The owners probably loved you guys! Your Grandmas compact is the perfect connection to keep close.
    You guys are beautiful!

  12. Squee! What a gorgie cinema! Now that's how a cinema should look! How lovely!
    Ooo,that compact is beautiful! Yay for Mama treats!