Delightful days.........

Oh what a lovely couple of days......
On Monday the squirrels packed up Basil and headed to Winchester for a market day, it was a sunny day, but the wind was a little nippy. There was about 100 stalls, Warren was happy to find an owl, hmmm more shell art, but look at that happy face.
Then we were off to Ashburton for the "boulevard day", wow was it busy!!!!
The main street is closed and all the shops have markets outside, with lots of other stalls.
I was very good and only bought a couple of very small pieces of 50's fabric, and some yummy cornish  pasties for lunch.
After a cuppa in Basil with my sister who was traveling back to Christchurch, we settled into the camping ground for the night ready for todays adventure.
What fun it was.......
Bookorama, brilliant!!!!! If we were not traveling I think both of us would have gone just crazy. So many rows of great books. I spent most of my time in the kids section, so happy with some of the wee gems we found.
Then it was off to the art gallery and museum before lunch.
Today was traveling day and we have found ourselves in Methven, a small town that is the gateway to the Mt Hutt ski field.
It was such a warm day here we settled Basil in and went on the most gorgeous walk around the edges of the town. The trail through the forrest was enchanting and it felt like some of the fairytale books I had been looking at that morning.

Just a delightful day.....

love V&W

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