When it snows squirrels climb trees........

Oh my goodness sweet-peas its snowing here!!!!!!
We are staying in Bannockburn, just outside Cromwell in Central Otago and well we woke up to snow flurries. They have been off and on all day, its not settling in the camping ground but the mountains are covered, making it mighty cold. Thank goodness that Basil is filled with nana knit blankets and old feather eiderdowns, we are snug as bugs. 
Going a little mad inside we decided to go on a walk when the sun came out, time to explore, yay.
Well we found the best ever tree to climb, yip the BEST. Now when a squirrel tells you its the best you know it is...... so up they scurried.
Hmmmm mad may have been an under statement?
Another fabulous pass time is watching the bunnies out and about, munching the grass in front of the parked up caravans. So cute......
One even managed to get inside Basil, tee hee

love V&W

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