Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oh lets have a peek inside.............

Please come in and have a look around Mr Basil......
A few of you lovely poppets have asked to have a better look inside the new nest for the squirrels.
As you can see a few wee knit friends have joined in the adventure and some new vintage(op-shop) finds have found a home. Its amazing how very little you need in the way of stuff to live very comfortably from day to day. 
We have been on the road for two weeks already and I think we are getting into the swing of our ever changing reality.

Enjoy the grand tour...........

love V&W


  1. Awww that looks so snug! It sounds like you guys are having a beautiful time. I was a bit worried that it would be too cold travelling in winter, but it looks like you have everything covered :). x

  2. amazing!! everything looks so cosy and peachy!
    thanks for the postcard little bugs, it's bang smack in the middle of the fridge now!

  3. How totally gorgeous Basil's innards are!!!
    And so cosy sweet!

  4. Basil is a handsome thing!

    What a beautiful time you're having!

    I'm just a teeny big bit envious!


  5. It looks so cosy inside Basil, no wonder you're enjoying yourselves so much xx

  6. What a perfect home - it looks so snug and welcoming. I adore all your cushions. Funny to see a steering wheel on the right hand side too!

  7. Now I tried to comment on this yesterday, and I was blocked and told only members of your team could comment! I AM on your team!! Anyway, seems to be OK today.
    Basil looks so comfy cosy, and although he has to be practical and compact, you have made him homely and pretty with all your knitted loveliness! xxxx

  8. Oh my Gosh Basil looks so comfy & cozy.
    I could happily eat a snack have a nap, cook and clean, hop and jump... in a cute little trailer like basil.

    Thank you for the tour! =D

  9. I love getting to nose around inside, thank you and thanks for the hug via Vix. We talked about you my dear:) I'm so happy the adventure continues, I admire your carefree spirit! The inside is colorful and inviting, can I come play?