Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday stroll........

Hello Sweet-peas....

We have had a lovely relaxed Sunday in Invercargill.
We decided to visit the art gallery and beautiful gardens at "Anderson Park".
I spent ages chasing the bumble bees in the beautiful lavender with my camera and was thrilled to get a few great photographs of them buzzing around being very busy.
It was nice to sit outside the gallery and watch lots of families having fun in the garden with there kiddies. 
Warren wore the very stylish vintage sunnies I found for him in Lawrence last week at a wee second hand shop in a ladies garage, they were a whole $2.00, Yay.
I was so happy to find the leather satchel in an op-shop this week, it has just the right amount of wear. It didn't really go with the dress and shoes but I was excited to use it anyway.
I must say after nearly 6 months since my wardrobe was packed away in to storage I am starting to really miss it.
We hope you had a delightful weekend......

Love V


  1. Oh I love Anderson Park - I grew up in Invercargill and spent many happy hours at the park. My sister got married there too. Its just lovely and looks like it has not changed very much at all. For someone who has most of their wardrobe packed away you both always look wonderful. I think your dress is so lovely Vanessa, and Warren's sunnies are very cool. Sounds like you both had a wonderful weekend. xx

  2. Beautidul dress! I love your bag! Amazing photos! Kisses x x x x

  3. Such beautiful photos as always Miss V! I really want to visit Invercargill. These gardens are just darling and you are adorable as always!

  4. I love the bag with your outfit Miss V - it's glorious! And I think you've had a glorious taster of what life in your beautiful new home in Lawrence will be like for op-shopping - fantastic buys! Just think, it won't be long before you can unpack all your old "friends" and give them the dress-up party they deserve:)) xoxoxo

  5. What a pretty dress in such an elegant setting! I love Warren's sunglasses, such a brilliant find. xxx

  6. Wow - that place is GORGEOUS - shall we play ladies? Dress in lovely long floral frocks, bonnets and lace up boots and wander through the gardens until Mr Darcy appears on his trusty steed??? Ooh sorry, just got lost in a little fantasy!

    You are beautiful, as always, Miss V. I love your pretty frock and Mr W is a total spunkbag!

    Sarah xxx

  7. such beautiful surroundings... very Great Gatsby. I adore your dress too, so pretty! xxx

  8. You look as beautiful and adorable as always, Miss V, and those gardens and the gorgeous house are a perfect setting for you. Warren's sunglasses are super cool (like him!)
    Don't fret, it won't be too long before you can get all your lovely things out of storage and discover all those old and beloved friends! xxx

  9. your wardrobe will be back soon ... ;)
    you both look so relaxed on these pictures. looks like you had an amazing sunday in the sun.

  10. I'm amazed you're only just starting to miss your wardrobe.....
    Gorgeous setting, and doesn't Warren look wonderfully woolly?! Huzzah!

  11. Fairly sure I frolicked here as a six yr old in Primary school.
    Odd what you remember...