Monday, February 11, 2013

Balancing Act.........

Hello Sweet-peas!!!

Sooooo "TWO WEEKS" today we will be in our new home and my poor wee mind is going crazy with anticipation!!!!!!!!
My head is filled with moments of soft floating dandelion fairies as I daydream about our new home. 
Then it is filled with the craziness that is moving from one part on the South Island to the other.
Silly little mind, please find some balance!!!!

In the mean time it is always nice to have a lovely new vintage dress to wear, especially when it comes from the superstar that is Miss Helga Von Trollop.
Thank you gorgeous lady.

Love V


  1. You always look so happy and pretty Miss V! You must be counting down the sleeps until you're in your new place - how exciting. Miss Helga sure sent you the perfect frock - adorable:D

  2. I bet your mind is so full its wonder you can sleep. You so deserve this little home its going to be so beautiful and so full of love. Your are a sweetheart and you always make me smile. You look gorgeous as always, dee xx

  3. Helga couldn't have chosen a more perfect frock! i love how the blooms blend in! I bet you're both beside yourselves with excitement! Two weeks! xxx

  4. Love the salmon-pink brooch and the circle pin in your hair. Goes fabulously with the blue dress. "Trees" is right, you always look so happy and positive. You must have a really sunny disposition. Do you know what I mean?

  5. Beautiful dress! Amazing photos! Kisses x x x x

  6. I'd be going crazy too if I got to move into that lovely place. What a gorgeous dress! xxx

  7. That dress looks divine on you and goes fabulous with your posie of blooms.
    Cute shoes too!

  8. Beautiful dress. Eeee and 2 weeks until you move in?? I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to see what this amazing place looks like on the inside. I'm sure you guys are going to do great things with it. x

  9. Gorgeous frock for gorgeous you, Miss V!
    Hope you find your balance. One foot in front of the other, steady as you go, that's the way forward! But it IS so exciting, you are allowed a little hop, skip and a jump now and again! xxxx

  10. One step at a time, young lady!!!
    O, I'm so happy that the frock looks so lovely on you!
    Cornflowers for luck and love, my darling!!!
    It's SO exciting!!! We'll all be demanding interior pix as soon as you're able!

  11. Helga's right, interior photos asap!