Sunday, December 23, 2012


The squirrels are back in Canterbury!!!!

We are at my Ma& Pa's for Christmas in Sefton, and it is so nice to see family again.
Yesterday we went to a PYO(pick your own) market garden for yummy fresh peas.
It was just lovely being altogether.
Its so hard not to spend most of the time cracking open the pods and helping yourself to the sweet wee peas!!!!
We are looking forward to seeing friends over the next few days and catching up on the last four months.

So only two more sleeps till Santa comes and then the start of a New Year.......

Love V&W


  1. Peas fresh out of the pod are just delicious, aren't they? It was our job as kids to shell the peas my dad grew in the garden, and the sound of them rattling in the colander (the ones we didn't scoff!) is a very nostalgic memory.
    Love the pic of the wind blowing tour pretty skirt!
    Have a fabulous Christmas, dear Vanessa and Warren! xxxxx

  2. *MmMm* Peas! My Grandma always grew a couple rows of peas and I would love to sneak out to the garden sit down in the dirt and eat them like I was at a pea buffet. *heheh*
    I love your skirt Vanessa, you look divine and VERY happy. I have 3 more sleep till Santa, he will visit you before me. *heheh* :(

  3. Fresh peas are the BEST - you look so pretty picking peas:) I hope the squirrels have a lovely Christmas and New Years!

  4. I LOVE peas eaten straight from the pod and looking at you two fabulous squirrels enjoying the delicious warmth adn sunshine!
    Happy Xmas, sweet Squirrels! xxx

  5. oh fresh peas! I love them! You look lovely, your skirt is fantastic xxx

  6. Didn't quite make it to the Sefton pick your own peas day. So much to do. Thanks for the photos and have a happy day today :-)

  7. You are the sweets pea alive:). Those are seriously my favorite, I love when they arrive at Farmers market! Yum!