End of a era........

The "Nest" is now closed!!!
The two wee squirrels are so tired and so overwhelmed by the wonderful support we have had for the last days of the pop-shop. To all the lovely sweet-peas who came, gave flowers, left messages and found treasure to take home, THANK YOU.
There have been tears and laughs as we looked back over the last 6 years of being vintage shop owners.
An end of an era for Tete a Tete Vintage and Two Squirrels Vintage.
Now we are to be squirrels in space and the new adventure of offering gorgeous vintage on-line begins.
New beginnings, Yay!!!!
Part of the overwhelming kindness we have been shown is this beautiful precious silver bespoke two squirrel brooch, made by the lovely Jeremy Harding at Harding's Jewellers.
I was so taken I just burst into tears.
I will treasure it always, as I will the amazing connections we have made with so many gorgeous people.

love V&W

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