Sunday, February 5, 2012

End of a era........

The "Nest" is now closed!!!
The two wee squirrels are so tired and so overwhelmed by the wonderful support we have had for the last days of the pop-shop. To all the lovely sweet-peas who came, gave flowers, left messages and found treasure to take home, THANK YOU.
There have been tears and laughs as we looked back over the last 6 years of being vintage shop owners.
An end of an era for Tete a Tete Vintage and Two Squirrels Vintage.
Now we are to be squirrels in space and the new adventure of offering gorgeous vintage on-line begins.
New beginnings, Yay!!!!
Part of the overwhelming kindness we have been shown is this beautiful precious silver bespoke two squirrel brooch, made by the lovely Jeremy Harding at Harding's Jewellers.
I was so taken I just burst into tears.
I will treasure it always, as I will the amazing connections we have made with so many gorgeous people.

love V&W


  1. Sad to see you close, but glad to hear you have such a great support system down there. Very excited that I can now shop with you from Hamilton.
    xxx Rosina Lee

  2. Sad that you had to close but excited to be able to buy online too You will both do wonderfully well.Alternativly move up my way and open a shop so I can work in it too lol

  3. I am soooooooooooo glad for you both.

  4. thanks for a lovely opportunity to visit the nest one last time - love the tan dress, put it on as soon as i got home yesterday, and put it on again as soon as i got up today - love it!!! looking forward to shopping online :) all the best!

  5. Oh Vanessa, I do feel sad for you both, there is something special about actually meeting your customers face to face and developing friendships with them. However, the online shop will mean you make friends far and wide, the world is your oyster now!
    Your beautiful two squirrels brooch is just the loveliest thing, what a special piece to have.
    Good luck and lots of love.
    PS. My little bundle of pink gorgeousness arrived yesterday - hang on, that sounds like I mean a baby. Obviously I don't! Thank you thank you, I love it all, and will be doing a post featuring my treasures soon.

  6. I can imagine it was tough closing up shop but you sound very positive for the future! That brooch is a beautiful reminder. xxx

  7. Wishing you lovely squirrels lots of luck with your virtual adventures. I know it's going to be brilliant.
    That squirrel brooch is adorable. x

  8. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

  9. Can't wait to see the next phase! And Warren, David and I love your beard. It's amazing.

  10. Wishing you all the best in your new chapter!

  11. Glad to hear everything went well.
    I used to see pics of your shop in Helga's posts and it looked like a place I would TOTALLY visit over and over. But of course I am in Canada so that would not be possible.
    But now that you are opening a shop online (hopefully you will ship to Canada *lol*)
    I am totally excited!!! And looking forward to visiting your cyber space shop. =D
    Goodluck to you two squirrels.
    p.s. That brooch is so sweet!

  12. Aww all the best for the future! I'm going to check out your online shop right now!! x

  13. Squirrels in Space!!!
    Good luck with this next adventure - you deserve a smooth ride! Looking forward to the online shop!

  14. Oh I have just discovered your blog, I visited your shops frequently and am very sad to not be able to visit them any more but looking forward to the online shop xx

  15. i had to find your blog because my sister and i own a vintage pop-up shop, etsy shop and blog called two birds. too funny! i'm sorry to hear about your shops, and i wish you the best of luck with your online endeavors!

  16. So glad to find you guys again and to know of the online shop opening. Jeremy's gift is beautiful. XX