Thursday, February 23, 2012

Testing, Testing...........

We spent the day getting the studio ready for all the lovely vintage treasure that we will be photographing for the new on-line shop. It's not long now sweet-peas!!!!Heaps of testing, testing and I am pleaesed I won't be the model, the dummies do a better job.
The little green gingham boys bow tie I am wearing with my dress was a lovely gift from the gorgeous Nicole at "Circa Vintage Clothing"  in Fitzroy Melbourne. It was nice to finally meet her, I have her amazing book "Love Vintage" which has to be one of the best reference's and wonderful guides to vintage.

Splendid...... another tick on the very long to do list.

love v


  1. Well aren't you freaking adorable!! Exciting the photos look great whats you secret? xx

  2. I love that dress! Really want a gingham one! Really pretty bag too!

  3. oh so glad your shop is almost up! :) im excited to check it out. that dress is so darlin! and the bowtie is a perfect match! :)

    BTW i am hosting a Giveaway on my blog, i would appreciate it if you'd check it out


  4. You look fabulous in checks and florals with a bit of gingham thrown in for good measure!
    Good luck with all the photographing, it takes ages but I bet the pics will look beautiful. xxx

  5. Haha looks like you had loads of fun!

  6. Hello, Miss V! You look so sweet and cheeky in that delightful checked frock. The bow tie adds a quirky air to the outfit and the bag is delicious!
    Wishing you lots of love and luck. x

  7. Dear Vanessa, good luck for your new online store. And thank you for following!

  8. Gorgeous GORGEOUS frock!!! And bag...and little bow tie!
    Yay,it's all too exciting!

    Ooo,you went into town on Wednesday.....brave,brave Squirrels. No way could I go near that tear fest. i was emotinal enough as it was, just remembering.And I wasn't even IN the city centre,thankfully!

  9. your fashion ideas are great!

  10. You look so cute in that dress and I love the little tie!
    Second pic is my fave!

  11. I am loving your use of bow ties as brooches... and will totally steal your idea!