Friday, February 3, 2012


After days of sorting all the stock for the sale and being in overalls covered in dust I wanted to feel clean in white. This also meant I could wear the beautiful Edwardian pantaloons I was very kindly gifted at Christmas from a lovely friend.They have the most heavenly lace on the bottom and little blue ribbons, I just love bloomers and pantaloons.
The Little rabbit brooch is from "Milou" and I am wearing another little bow brooch and lace too.
Well sweet-peas its time for the "nest" to open for the last weekend and let all the sale treasure find a home.

love V


  1. Ah that old lace detail is divine.

  2. You have such a beautiful collection of brooches! The pantaloons are amazing and the details so pretty. Enjoy the last weekend in the pop up shop. xxxxxxx

  3. Those pantaloons are beautiful. I love the lace. I hope you aren't too exhausted after what I'm sure was a hectic day. Mum is so thrilled with the mirrored rose pictures she got from you and I love my new dresses and handbags.

  4. You guys are both so lovely and great for trooping on, I hope the sale goes wonderfully and that having the pop up shop has been good to you. Thank you for the wonderful goodies I scored today and I eagerly await the online shop.

  5. Woo hoo, Vanessa's showing us her frillies!
    Always such lovely photos, and you are always a joy to see - gorgeous! Hope the sale goes really well for you. xxxx