Saturday, February 18, 2012

Yummy yummy!!!!

One of the fun things about a holiday is being a monster and eating heaps of yummy food, YES???
This a fabulous place we just came across in Brunswick street in Fitzroy called the "Food Hall" I think. We had a great pizza and washed down with a organic cola. The space was so open with sensational light.
The very colourful seersucker cotton dress was a nice purchase from "Anonymous Posh" and was lovely to wear in the heat.
Sorry poppets its going to be a few days of holiday photo's, just pop a "yawn" in the comments.

love v



  1. That dress is beautiful. Perfect for summer x

  2. No yawn from me, I love to see you and Warren out and about, and both looking wonderful!
    Gorgeous bright print on that frock.
    The Food Hall looks delightful. xxxxx

  3. Love, your dress, and all your pics.

  4. Oh yay you've been on holiday - good for you guys! A well deserved break I'd say!
    Your dress and the green one from the other post are terrific. I LOVE seeing people's holiday snaps.. they educate and inspire! x

  5. The Organic Cola looks so interesting, i'd love to give that a try! I love holiday pictures - keep them coming!

  6. Oh you were just down the road from me! We are staying on Johnston Street. You must let me know next time you visit! I hope you had a lovely holiday xxx

  7. I love holiday photos, keep them coming!
    That cola bottle label is a work of art, I'd be tempted to swipe one and use it as a flower vase at home.
    Love your zingy frock, the print makes me feel happy! x

  8. one of the coolest prints I have seen on that dress! love it! heading to NZ tomorrow, can't wait...plan to drink many many flat whites....

  9. I love that dress. I'm glad you had a good holiday. Eating yummy things is definitely one of the best things about holidays (or any time really).

  10. Pretty pretty dress! Loving your holiday snaps. xx