Bouncing back.......

Hello sweet-peas from the beach near Opotiki.
We had a little hiccup last night in Gisborne, "Basil" had no power, for some reason he didn't like the power points there, but he has bounced back tonight and we are all plugged in.
On the way to Gisborne we stopped at the Hawkes Bay Farmers market, wow it was so so busy.
To much to take all in, but just a wonderful array of produce, wine and general goodies.
I wore the wee brooch I made the other day from the small piece of 50's fabric I found in Ashburton, as you can see it has my favorite subject, a BUNNY!!!
Now since we are on the subject of bunnies and bouncing, I was all jumping with pure joy tonight when just beside where we are parked three little baby bunnies came out to play.
Look at his little face.
Look at those little paws.
Thats cute!!!!!

Happiness is baby bunnies by the beach in Basil........

Love V&W

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