Thursday, October 25, 2012

Push re-wind and fast forward please........

Hello sweet-peas!

Yip its a little of last week and today all rolled in to one tonight!!!
Napier first, these are some of the pics from there at the top, had to show the famous "Pania of the sea" statue and a couple of lovely art deco examples.  Oh and this is the dress I got in Wellington, its a nice heavy cotton and I just think the pink flower pattern is great. I think I may have had sheets in that pattern as a kid,  tee hee!!! I am also pleased to say the alteration I made didn't work out to bad either, she was way to long in the waist for me so I have taken the waist up all by hand stitching.

Now to today, as most of you we lovelies would have guessed we are in Rotorua!!!!
Steamingly beautiful!!!!
The hot springs, mud pools and thermal activity is amazing. Tonight we went into the most wonderful market in the city, the main street is closed and there are yummy food stalls and produce. Pita pockets and french crapes for dinner, scrumptious.
Then a walk through the park, the wisteria was just beautiful, and more steaming pools of water and mud. So excited to explore more tomorrow and have a long soak in one of the mineral pools.

Love V&W


  1. Well done on the dress alteration. It's beautiful. Sometimes I prefer hand-stitching because I feel like I have more control... I'm enjoying reading about your adventures!

  2. Oooh both frocks are lovely - I especially adore the pink and the wisteria covered bridge is one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen... MORE PICS PLEASE! Sarah xxx

  3. I love wisteria, it's so pretty hanging down off things. And it's purple. Pania of the sea is quit impressive. She would cause a stir around here

  4. Beautiful photos! Those places are amazing:) Kisses x x x

  5. It's a feast for the eyes!
    So much gloriousness! The wisteria pic is the loveliest.
    Adoring the pretty new frock,and well done for a successful alteration! Onwards and upwards,I say!
    It all looks too lovely...wish I was sharing it with you!
    Enjoy your soak!

  6. Lovely gorgeous pretty wonderfulness!
    And I agree with everyone else who loves the wisteria photo - it's beautiful.
    So are you! xxx

  7. I'm having major frock envy!!!! I love the pink one & the blue one. They suit you so well. And that wee birdie brooch is gorgeous. Xx