Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oh how kind...........

Hello Sweet-peas!!!
Oh so much to tell you all.......

Since the last post we have found more treasure, walked lots of places, meet up with a beautiful friend, and travelled overseas!!!! Yip the squirrels are busy wee fluff balls.

While in Nelson I was treated to a very special gift from an old customer and friend from Tete a Tete vintage. The very beautiful Jenni who owns "Untouchables hair and beauty" made the very kind offer of a complimentary luxurious facial with her. Oh my gosh it was like being taken away with the fairies. Heavenly!
It was only my second facial ever, and I was all light and fluffy all day.

Ooopps little orange felt bambi has joined the tour, grrr theses little cute animals all wanting to come, a girl just can't say NO. 

The next day as we were leaving Nelson we made a very quick dash into the "Sallies" and waiting for me was a little ray of sunshine, a fabulous yellow 60's dress. It fits beautifully and a perfect momento of  sunny Nelson. So looking forward to wearing it.
Eeeekkk quickly back into Basil and on the road.

We decided to travel through the "Queen Charlotte Sounds" on route to Picton, it was the most gorgeous drive, stopping for lunch in one of the beautiful bays.

Ok "Basil" it was time to make the big jump overseas to start the North Island adventure. The ferry crossing was smooth and judging by the terrible weather here in Wellington today, I am pleased we crossed last night.

So today was spent in Wellington looking at the vintage shops, galleries and having a great dose of 
big city. So many cute things, I was very good and only brought one 70's cotton summer dress for $14 at paper bag princess, its great but will need a wee alteration. We had a yummy lunch out and then afternoon tea of cake and peppermint tea. Just a delightful day, well except the weather it was raining cats, dogs, mice, ponies, bunnies and squirrels........

Love V&W



  1. I had a bit of a squeal over the felt Bambi - she's SO gorgeous!! More childhood memories lurking away right there:)). QCS looks idyllic and I would love to return to Nelson one day - it always seems to be a stunning place no matter what the weather is doing. I'm always blown away by your beautiful smile and look at your dear wee darling brooches in red!! Wow watch out, North Island ... here come the squirrels! Happy travels xoxoxo

  2. How nice to have a bit of luxurious pampering on your travels, Vanessa.
    Orange bambi is a delight, your photos are always gorgeous, and I am looking forward to seeing your frocks and the next leg of your adventure! Keep safe, lovely Squirrels! xxxx

  3. Love the polka dot jumper, looks like you were off to see the wizard.

    Your lunch spot make me drool all over that floor. And your husband is looking dapper in his vest. I love it when The Doctor wears vests.

  4. A facial sounds awesome, I bet you totally appreciated that after so much traveling. I love the new animal addition so sweet and can't wait to see the new yellow dress. You don't wear much yellow do you? Your pictures always take me away, thanks for sharing sweetie!

  5. Yah for a facial - you need a treat when you're travelling for a long time to revitalise yourself!

    How long are you in my town? I'd love to say "hi" if you have time:) e-mail me!

  6. Aahh Wellington! Wish I was there too - minus the weather of course! You look so happy Vanessa :)

  7. O,I do love Wellington.It's the only other city in NZ I could ever consider living in! I so wish I could be bumbling around the vintage and op shops and enjoying all the treats Welly has to offer with you two lovelies!

  8. A facial? No wonder you look even more radiant than usual! Love that sweet felt animal! Happy travels! x

  9. i am enjoying all of your adventures so much x

  10. so many awesome pictures, outfits, posts and adventures ... i had to read them all. how could i miss so many?
    the little bambi is so cute.

  11. That facial sounds fabulous. I hope you have an amazing time in the North Island. Can't wait to see your new 60s dress from Nelson.

  12. Your Bambi reminds me of one I had as a child too. Oh Wellington, you breezy sleazy beauty.

  13. Those photos of you both in The Old Bank arcade have a certain gravitas. Very classy.