Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Breakfast time in Basil.........

Hello Sweet-peas!!!

This is part of our morning routine having breakfast at the table each day. This was this morning in Blenheim, the sun was just streaming in the window, lovely.
As you can see a few new additions have made it to the table!!!!

Welcome to the tour "Peppy" the polka-dot donkey salt n pepper......
now everyone go awwwww!!!!!
He was just too cute to leave in the sallies!!!
The 1975 "Orinoco" cup was a "I can't leave that for 20c moment", he was my favorite womble.

The squirrels are now in Nelson for a few days and I have already found a lovely vintage skirt and ribbons. Yip a parcel home is on the cards soon.

Love V&W 


  1. Orinoco was my favourite womble, too! I had a cuddly version, it was his scarf and flat cap that did it, maybe that's why I love Jon!
    Happy travels, Squirrels! xxx

  2. Breakfast in Basil looks so much tastier and cozy than anywhere else. Too bad you can't bottle that gorgeous light and take it with you. Or maybe you do...?

  3. I think breakfast in Basil looks lovely, especially with Peppy on the table!
    I have friends in Nelson - if you see a tall, curly-haired slim and gorgeous English woman, that's my friend Barbara!

  4. Breakfast in Basil is the bees knees by the looks of you two delightful squirrels!! LOVE that Orinocho cup too - he was definitely my fav too! All looks well in Squirrelsville xox

  5. Scoot on over I wanna hang out with ya'll! I love how cozy and warm your breakfast nook makes me feel, you two are so stinking cute! *pinch* I love the new lil burro ~of course it had to be yours!

  6. Breakfast in Basil looks perfect. Makes me wish I was right there. I love the fabric placemats and retro cannisters. Also loving the green and red combo xxx

  7. How very pleasant and civilised!
    Yay,you went to Goose Bay! We quite like it there, haven't been for a while...
    I once picked up a late 60's (or maybe early 70's) patternbook in an opshop in Blenheim!


  8. Wonderful cute outfit!!! I would like to make such a trip too.

  9. Peppy is SO SO SO cute I would have totally brought him home too. *hehehe*