Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sipping, tasting, and knucklebones..........

Hey you cute little sweet-peas.......

The squirrels are in the sunny Hawkes Bay, staying in Hastings at the most lovely camping ground.
We have spent the day touring around finding the op-shops and having the most yummy lunch at a cafe called "Taste Cornucopia", oh so good, we also found a couple of cool wee vintage/craft creation shops: "Pomme d'amour"and "Coco & Co". 

I was excited to finally go to Napier, its been on my wish list for such a long time. The art deco buildings are just stunning, we are heading back tomorrow to have a better look around and take some photographs, the pesky wind seems to have followed us here and its making me a little ratty.

Back at the camping ground it was the perfect time to have a strawberry milkshake and play a game of "knucklebones"(Jacks or Five stones) and try on my new 50's pinny brought today from orphans aid for $2.00.

Night night from two wee wind swept and warm squirrels.

Love V&W


  1. Vanessa in polka dots... now there's something we don't see very often - ha! Only teasing, you rock the dots like no one else, Miss V, especially with extra Pinny Power! And you are almost giving us a wee peak down your dress at your gorgeous cleavage, so thank you for that!

    Food looks good. Hope you weren't too troubled by wind in the night. Those two statements are not intended to be connected. You know what I mean...
    Thank you thank you, Vanerssa, for the lovely postcard which came yesterday, it was so kind of you to write! I am loving following you and Warren on your travels. Keep snuggly, Squirrels! xxx

  2. You are stunning in your polkadots dress!!That drink cup is one of the most lovely I've ever seen, is perfect in these beautiful photos!! Now I'm a little bit hungry..the food seems delicious!!
    Hugs xxxx

  3. Looking fab as always Miss V., and that food looks absolutely divine!! I've heard Napier is amazing, dying to see the pics.xx.

  4. glad to hear you are both warm, you both look so relaxed - the pinny is so fabulous, i love a pretty pinny! especially with polka dots x

  5. That food looks super yummy! I love how happy you both look! That polka dot dress has me smiling!

  6. O,let me pull up a chair! That's some scrumptious looking nosh!
    I'm SO keen to go to Napier,I've been bleating about it for years!One day!
    Pleased you found a fabulous pinny,it gets the useful and pretty tick!
    Caramel or chocolate milkshakes were always my choice,not that I'm a big milk fan!And I used to be killer at knucklebones....when I was 10 or so!

  7. you're always so adorable - that food is making me really hungry xxx

  8. Isn't Napier just a lovely place - there is one art deco building (I think it may be the ASB bank?) and it has all these koru designs on it - its my favourite. You look adorable in poka-dots!