Saturday, October 6, 2012

HEY YOU..........



Hello all you lovely poppets, the squirrels are back!!!!
Sir Basil is all fixed and ready to re-start the tour of New Zealand, Yay!!!!!
As you can see we are super excited, lets get the party started!!!!

We have had the most lovely time back in Christchurch catching up with family and friends.
Its was so nice to have that warm fuzzy feeling that you get when spending time with people you love and care about, the hard part is saying goodbye again.

But with.........
Basil all re-packed and cleaned, unfortunately "Seymour" has been getting a little car sick and decided to stay at Ma&Pa's. Bad Ferret!
We were off.......
but not far, the wind was terrible today which Basil does not like and have stopped at "Cheviot" for one night. Oh well!
While exploring the wee town we did find a antique shop called the "White cat emporium", so excited its open tomorrow.
Will keep you posted if there is a treasure to join the travelers.
So night night!!!!

love V&W


  1. On the road again! No wonder you're looking excited!
    Glad you had a lovely time in Christchurch, saw the pics over at Helga's of the two of you looking scrumptious.
    Hope the White Cat Emporium is full of ingesting treasures to browse. Xxxx

  2. Poor Seymour! I wonder who you'll get to replace him?! Good luck and hugs for part two of the squirrel adventure.xx

  3. Yay to the Squirrels being back on the road!!!! I hope you have a wonderful & safe journey North. My heart ached when I saw those familiar yellow street signs, how I miss New Zealand. It's 35 degrees here tomorrow, I will be one out of sorts Vintage Bird Girl, sweating in vintage! Thank you so much for the super cute postcard too. It made my day. Love to you. Xx

  4. You do look excited! I'm so glad Basil is up and running again. I will miss Seymour though. Happy hunting at the White Cat!

    Nikki x

  5. Yay! So glad Basil is back up and running - I love your wandering adventures. Sarah xxx

  6. Hoorah for Basil being a good boy and ready to take the Squirrels off on the road! xxx

  7. Can't wait to see what treasure's are in White Cat Emporium.

  8. Have a nice trip! Kisses x x x

  9. The White Cat is something else altogether - not so much of a place for wee bargains but I love all those Art Deco French shop-fittings and my daughter is saving up for the red velvet bed ends...
    I bought loads of wonderful old NZ books at the Rangiora Rotary book fair yesterday.
    Great to see you back on the road. Safe travels.

  10. Cute post and pics!!! Good to hear all is mended now, bring on Northland!

  11. Yah! So happy you two and back on the road and Basil is in good health. Poor Seymour - perhaps you'll pick up another fury friend on your travels. Looking forward to more pics of our beautiful country xoxo

  12. Welcome back - I've been missing you guys!

  13. *Hehehe* Oh my gosh I laughed so hard at that last pic of you Vanessa. (I do that EXACT FACE and it ALWAYS makes Mr. Coco laugh.)
    Enjoy your travels!!