Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sand, Surf and Shorts.......

Hello to you sweet-peas!!!
We have had another lovely stay by the beach this time in Whangamata, we went for a very long walk last night, and this morning I was up early for another beautiful walk to watch the sunshine singing on the waves.
After we packed Basil it was time for a stroll around the shops and have a coffee. (I so wanted to feed the birds!)
We found an op-shop, where I got my gingham hat and some great 70's bark cloth fabric, also 
in town was a cool wee retro shop called "Funky Junktion", great stuff! I bought some old NZ postcards, there were many other things I loved but not for a traveling squirrels.

Beep beep "Basil" was on the road again for the stunning drive around the Coromandel, it was a very twisty and steep but the view of the bays and golden beaches was amazing.
Tonight we are staying in the Coromandel Town and after a big day of walks we decided a we treat of fish n chips was in order. 

Eeeekkk I am wearing shorts and I also now have jandals, yip this squirrel is all about stepping out of the comfort zone, and embracing the summer camping wear.

LoVe V&W


  1. That hat is adorable on you and the beach looks spectacular! x

  2. I would love to spend more time in the Coromandel - even though last time I was there I was a young 'un and got very car sick from the twisty roads;). I'm salivating over the fish and chips and very impressed that the fish is battered:). Here in Brisbane, the default fish coating is crumbed (yuk!) and some fishos give me strange looks when I insist on battered. xo

  3. God those fish and chips look good! And so does that beautiful beach.
    And you and Warren aren't too shabby either. The pic of you with your sunglasses on your head sitting outside the cafe is one of my favourite photos ever of you, Vanessa.
    Happy travels! xxxx

  4. Shorts, sand and surf in NZ?? Hmm, the fact that you are BOTH wearing shirts must mean it is NOT hot, LOL!!

  5. I am buying winter boots and wearing coats and here you are in beautiful sundresses!!
    *Thank Goodness Mr. Squirrel is not a bird* *hehehe*

    It looks lovely where you are, I am a little jelly.

  6. Yum I miss fish and chips so bad after having proper ones in the UK. Those look delicious!!! Here's to getting outside ones comfort zone, your shorts and new floppy hat make you more than just sporting camping wear you are rocking it!!!

  7. fish and chips by the sea with lovely weather, you lucky things xxxx

  8. You make camping seem quite glam! I love fish and chips but haven't worn shorts for 20 years. You look adorable and Warren looks very pensive about that chip he's about to eat - is it agria or nadine?? If it's a good chip it'll be agria - not all potatos are created equal.

  9. We really do live in a beautiful country! You two are living the kiwi dream - you look so happy:D

  10. LOOOOVE your gingham hat! Fish n chips on teh beach is about my fave thing in the whole world! Happy beachy sunshiney happiness! Sarah xxx