Sand, Surf and Shorts.......

Hello to you sweet-peas!!!
We have had another lovely stay by the beach this time in Whangamata, we went for a very long walk last night, and this morning I was up early for another beautiful walk to watch the sunshine singing on the waves.
After we packed Basil it was time for a stroll around the shops and have a coffee. (I so wanted to feed the birds!)
We found an op-shop, where I got my gingham hat and some great 70's bark cloth fabric, also 
in town was a cool wee retro shop called "Funky Junktion", great stuff! I bought some old NZ postcards, there were many other things I loved but not for a traveling squirrels.

Beep beep "Basil" was on the road again for the stunning drive around the Coromandel, it was a very twisty and steep but the view of the bays and golden beaches was amazing.
Tonight we are staying in the Coromandel Town and after a big day of walks we decided a we treat of fish n chips was in order. 

Eeeekkk I am wearing shorts and I also now have jandals, yip this squirrel is all about stepping out of the comfort zone, and embracing the summer camping wear.

LoVe V&W

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