Friday, October 19, 2012

Little Miss Sunshine........

Hello Poppets!!!

This is the swirly little beam of yellow 60's sunshine I brought in Nelson, boy did I get some comments and sideway glances when I wore her yesterday. The fabric is so light that I had a few petticoat/underwear flashes thanks to the pesky wind, resulting in more sideway glances eeekkk!!! 
Sorry still no pics of Napier it was blowing a gale there but we did have a look at some of the vintage shops, lots of lovely things out of this wee squirrels budget.
We found the most darling wee crafters boutique called "Gather", we had a lovely chat to the owner Nikki who kindly recognized us from the "Frankie Spaces".

So when you can't buy vintage treasure whats the next best thing?????
Even better squirrel chocolate!!!

We called into "The Silky Oak Chocolate Company"(perfect for squirrels), oh my gosh the smells was just heavenly as soon as you walk in the door.
Squirrel for me and acorn for Warren that seems fair, yes?????
I did share the squirrel.

I am feeling all inspired to make my own chocolates when we have a home again, so happy I found these chocolates moulds for $4.00 for the lot in a wee antique shop in Carterton.
Guess which is my favorite?

Today has been a stay in "Basil" day doing things like washing and cleaning, I have been sewing a couple of brooches, will show you poppets later.

Love V&W


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  2. No wonder you got lots of looks you looked gorgeous those colours are lovely on you. Chocolate is yummy :-) look forward to seeing your makes, dee x

  3. Love the dress!! It's beautiful! And so glad you discovered Silky Oaks chocs - I love their chili chocolate! How wonderful that they have acorns and squirrels, you were clearly destined to visit xx

  4. OOOoooh I love this gorgeous sunshiney frock!! And YUMMO the chocolates look good! Happy travels. Sarah xxx

  5. That's a lovely dress! I'm hunting for a yellow dress!
    The wind is INSANE!!
    Happy travels!

  6. Very cute guys! A treat as always x

  7. Hello Dear V....I'm so sorry for my lack of comments lately. I've still been keeping up with your travels. Thank you for the gorgeous card. What a bugger my frock didn't fit! I figured I'd be better off giving you one that's too big rather then too tight. It's not that I think you're huge!!! LOVE your Nelson frock. So pretty. Enjoy the choccies & safe travels. Xx

  8. When I saw that frock my heart skipped a beat - people were just staring because you're so awesome:)

    I LOVED silky oak chocolate when Rich and I visited Napier last year - such good chocolate. I bought a tin of their hot chocolate to take home, but I have to confess, it didn't last long:)

  9. Wowee no wonder you got lots of looks - you look lovely! Nothing wrong with flashing a bit of petticoat either ;)

    That chocolate squirrel looks yummy - good finds re the chocolate moulds.

    Look forward to seeing the brooches x

  10. yummy chocolate and a sunshine dress, how wonderful. Those sideways glances must have been looks of awe. That dress is so pretty and I don't even like yellow. The color makes me look ill.

  11. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I adore,LOVE,adore that frock,and you look so gorgeous in it!Especially with it blowing up and around in the wind!Sideways glances of ENVY,my dear!
    I'm not sure I could have brought myself to bite off that squirrel's head!!!Scrummy as it may be!How fitting though,that you should have found the most perfectly shaped choccies!Nice moulds too!

  12. Such a lovely dress with such lovely colours that would match the autumn colours in my area here. But it's also a little sunshine dress for spring in your area. The chocolate squirrel and chocolate acorn look so delicious. I think I must have a bit of chocolate right now also. Hugs from Miss Maple

  13. sideways glances of appreciation! such a beautiful dress! and yum, chocolate x i am officially dim - i thought the chocolate mould selection was a brooch (i'm going for a lie down hehe)

  14. That is a TREMENDOUS dress! I love it so much. And it is so cute that you got a squirrel and Warren got the nuts. I notice you eat the tail first, although it would be difficult start anywhere else first. Yumm!! Great to see you. I'm catching up.

  15. That chocolate squirrel looks yummy !!
    I want to eat it:).
    You look beautiful! Love our dress! Kisses x x x x

  16. I would have looked your way for sure, because you looks so beautiful and that dress makes me smile with happiness!
    Sunshine yellow frock + chocolate = gorgeous! xxxxx

  17. *Eeep* Now I really really REALLY want chocolate! *hahaha*
    It would go perfect with my morning coffee.
    That dress is beautiful. I love the brightey fabulousness of it all.