Monday, October 15, 2012

"O" it was a Tui kind of day.......

Oh what a storm......
The squirrels spent an extra night in Lower Hutt to wait out a terrible storm that sounds like it hit the whole of the country, Wow did it blow.
We where so eager to hit the road and see more great places.

This is my new vintage 50's skirt I brought in Nelson and the "O" brooch was a sallies find.
I must find a better top to go with it, I am wearing my yucky old t-shirt and scruffy cardigan.
Warren took these photos at the camping ground before we left, above me in the Pohutukawa tree were some cheeky Tui birds that had keep us entertained by chasing the blackbirds out of what must be their trees.
I was so happy to get a photo of one of them, they are so beautiful with the white tuff of feathers at there throats, and gorgeous blue hue to there feathers.

Once on the road we made our first stop in the lovely wee town of Martinborough and had a walk around the main street, looking at all the cute shops.
Back in Basil we drove through lots of great towns including Mangatainoka famous for the Tui Brewery.
It was a beautiful day exploring the Wairarapa.

The squirrels have stopped in Dannevirke tonight.

Love V&W



  1. the tui bird looks so naughty! I love your skirt too. Happy adventures! xx

  2. Lovely skirt, lovely rucksack, lovely you!

  3. aahh its all sounds so exciting sorry i haven't been here for a while but i have been away from blogland. You look gorgeous in your sweet skirt. And the birds sounds and looks wonderful. Have a fun, dee x

  4. What a sweet little Tui! I love your skirt adn Warren's action shot! x

  5. Your skirt is a beauty, and so is the tui! xxx

  6. Ooo great skirt! Oh your photos have me longing for another South Island road trip (maybe next summer... with a baby in tow. That could be interesting). Those Tui's are beautiful, but they sure naughty too! We have so many of them in our garden and they can be quite mean to the other birds (and occasionally dive bomb us when we're sitting in the garden!).

  7. Darling,what a stunning tui photo!!! They really are a gorgeous bird!!! And G doesn't mind the beer either!
    Wasn't that storm a doozy?! I drove over to Lyttleton in it at snails pace.Holing up was the right thing to do!
    Your skirt is just DIVOON!!! Nice score!

  8. i didn't know about the tui bird - i'm so glad i have now had a look, so striking - you are as beautiful as ever x

  9. What a great tui photo. Well done and that skirt is fantastic.

  10. That skirt is beautiful. Tuis are my favourite. They make such pretty music.

  11. There are certainly a lot more Tuis to be seen these days! I've had some close Tui encounters lately too!!

    GORGEOUS brooch! Love it!

    YOu've been in my old stomping ground! (Greytown born and bred!) Lovely part of the land! x