Oh how exciting........

Yes Yes it was!!!!!

After our first night back in Basil after a week, we packed up and went straight to "The White Cat Emporium". Oh my gosh it was fabulous, with so many amazing treasures, its lucky we only have a little home on wheels at the moment. Also if we had a bigger budget a "Seymour" replacement may have been the mad metal pussy cat, eekkk!!! The owner Graham was so nice and he told us about learning the craft of handmade wool mattress making in France. There were examples of his work in the shop and they were just exquisite. I was a good wee squirrel and only bought three books. We are so going back when we have a new home.

This blue & white stripe dress is an op-shop find with mum, together we made a few alterations which mum helped me to do on the overlocker and sewing machine, she was such a great teacher and I over came my fear of machine sewing a little.
We shortened and re-designed the sleeves, much better although I am worried it looks a bit like a nurses  uniform.

Oh look what my lovely Mr Warren picked me from the side of the road, wild sweet-peas.
So sweet!!!!

night night my little wild sweet-peas from "Goose Bay" by the beach.

Love V&W

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