We are moving in........

Somewhere near Taupo sweet-peas!!!!

If the squirrels don't manage to find a new place to settle once our adventure on the road comes to an end, I am moving in to the wee caravan in the Taupo museum. As you can see we would be the perfect hosts on display and I am sure to wear a suitable vintage dress each day. You lovely poppets would come and see us, yes?????
Believe it or not the road map book is the same as the one that came with Daisy-Boo, see we do belong in a museum. 
Today we went to Wai-O-Tapu thermal wonderland.  Exploring this other world of boiling lakes, steaming fumaroles, and collapsed craters was truly hard to comprehend that it was here on earth, it was like the moon, maybe??? Richard Branson should just take his outer space travelers there its cheaper.
Some of the images we took are just amazing and I would recommend it to anyone going to Rotorua.

So today was moving day, off in Basil to The Bay of Plenty, tonight we are staying in Mt Maunganui right on the beach, as I look out the window the full moon is shining a beautiful golden glow on the sea and I can hear the surf crashing.

Sleepy squirrel off to dream of what dresses I would wear on display in a museum, tee hee....

LOve V&W

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