Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh a tidy room is but a memory..........

These photographs were taken just before we completely pulled this room apart for packing. Now we live with boxes and mess in every room. The weather is being a poo, it has been raining so heavily we are struggling to take stuff to the storage unit. We had a wee break this morning before it started to pour down again. With only 8 sleeps till we start the road trip we have still so much to do. Eeeeekkkk!!!!
Ella pussy cat is going to be missed, I have been very naughty and become very attached to her.
This is not good when she is the neighbors cat. I have given her a pet name which she even comes to.....
Bellser Von Trouser!!!!

too cute ah!!!!

love v


  1. You look as beautiful as ever, Miss V - I hate packing so much, don't you!? Sarah xxx

  2. It must so difficult to pack up and say goodbye to your home. I bet it was difficult trying to decide which clothes to put into storage and which ones to take on your road trip too! That's what I always find so hard about travelling. Love the sweet dress you have on, and the one hanging on the wall behind you.

  3. Oh gawd, I love your ex-bedroom so much, thank you for sharing these glorious pics of you and BVT. Love that you hung your frock on the wall for inspiration/decoration. It will feel amazing unpacking all your glorious treasure one day, just think of all the wonderful adventures you're about to have! Oooooh I feel a SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE coming on!!! xoxoxo

  4. Tidy - schmidy (this coming from an ott Virgo!)
    I love that peach dress on your wall V.
    For someone who is surrounded by boxes and mess you look very peaceful and composed x

  5. What a pretty little room you had there. It sucks about the rain, it's been the same here lately - on and off rain and huge downpours.

  6. Your old bedroom was lovely, I feel a little bit sorry that it doesn't exist anymore, but I'm sure that your new one will be even more beautiful! I love that dress and the little vintage embrodeiry bag, you look stunning!

  7. Your bedroom is pretty, and your dress and you are so scrumptious amor.
    I am eyeing that fabuloso peach dress.
    Aww kitty is so adorable, he will surely miss you.
    Hope the rain calms down so you can clear your things.
    Thanks for the coat tip, by lavender you mean the plant right not in spray form?

  8. What a pretty room! Don't worry, you can recreate your magic anywhere you go.
    Gorgeous frocks, on you and on the wall!
    Boo to crappy weather, hurray for adventures! xxxxx

  9. I can't wait to see where the new path takes you guys! Happiness is in your heart always!

  10. the old bedroom was looked so lovely ... and the pink-ish dress on the wall is so just awesome. can't wait to see your new place ...


  11. Bella Von Trouser will miss you!! You've got so much style and talent you'd make everywhere you live look enticing and homely! So excited about your trip! x

  12. What a lovely roo, gorgeous dress and cute kitty!

    I hate packing/unpacking, I hope yours goes well.

    Your trip is so close now, you must be so excited!


  13. You look very pretty, I love the color of your dress.
    Ella is so cute.

  14. That is a glorious name for a kitteh!!!
    Ack,packing sucks......never mind,it'll soon be over and you'll be merrily traipsing around the countryside before you know it,having a splendid time!

  15. Pattern does suck - but you'll soon forget about it when you're off on your big adventure!

  16. Soon the grand adventure begins! You are in the prelude stage, always the most tricky part. I am sad that Bellser Von Trouser (wonderful name!) will not be accompanying you but I suspect he needs to stay behind to patrol his kingdom. By the time you get this comment, you will have accomplished even more...

  17. Ella is adorable, I miss having a cat around, even though my dogs act like cats sometimes. You have such a pretty bedroom and another pretty dress was hanging in the background for me to coo over. Good luck xxxx

  18. Beautiful dress. I love cats. Your is so pritty! Kisses

  19. The rain, the rain. Your story of moving out in the rain reminds me of similar conditions when we moved out of No 82 Ashley St, twelve years ago. It is always so sad dissembling spaces we have lovingly created, but imagine the potential that lies ahead...

  20. Good luck, it'll be over before you know it.xx.