And so it begins.............

Hello my lovely sweet peas!!!!!!!

Welcome to the journey that is the "Squirrels on tour in Basil"!!!!!

Happy Happy dance around!!!!

So this little blog is going from a vintage fashion kind of blog to well a vintage travel blog. 

"Cape Reinga" here we come.

Today we travelled to the very end of New Zealand, Bluff.
We are staying here for two nights as very much baby campers. Eeeekkk
Basil is all plug-in and we are about to have our first sleep above the cab. Well second for Warren as you can see, Mr Teddy had some company this afternoon.
 While Mr Warren was having a snooze, I walked to the lookout point, it was fabulous to stand at the most southern tip of the country and look out on Stewart Island. The track was great, all along it you heard native birds singing in the sun, it was just heavenly. 
So a very tired wee squirrel is about to pop on the pj's and jump in to the wee nest that is bed.
Night Night!!!

love V&W

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