Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh Hello "Mr Basil"............

Hi sweet-peas!!!!!
Sorry to have been away for so long, but life has been a whirl wind of so many events.
We have moved out of our wee home and said goodbye to a place of many memories and special times.
Goodbyes to family and friends.
Goodbyes to Christchurch.
Then an unexpected goodbye to a family member who passed away suddenly.
This meant a long drive to Invercargill on Wednesday.
Then out of the unexpected we have found our new home on wheels.
Introducing "Mr Basil"
Yip the squirrels are on tour very soon.
Look out NZ here we come!!!!

Love v&w


  1. I can only imagine what a mission that must have been!
    Don't you love it when the thing you need arrives when you need it?! Hello Mr Basil! He's a handsome fellow! I wish you both many happy and memorable times with him!]

  2. You and Warren co-ordinate so beautifully with Mr Basil, who I want to call SIR Basil (anyone who remembers 1970s kids TV show the Herb Garden will understand...)
    What a beautiful dress, Miss V! What a fab camper! What an adventure!
    Sorry to hear about your family loss.
    Good luck on your travels, darling Squirrels, keep in touch! xxxxxx

  3. Basil is so cool and perfect for a pair of fabulous squirrels! Like Curtise says, you all coordinate beautifully! I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, hopefully it's onwards and upwards from now on and you'll all set for the most incredible adventures! Bon Voyage! xxx

  4. Im so sorry to hear of your loss. Mr Basil is well cool and i did a big ahhhhh moment when i saw the photo of all 3 of you, you look so happy and so full of excitment ;-)) Good luck and enjoy every moment im looking forward to sharing it with you. Hugs, dee xx

  5. Basil definetely suits the two of you (to a tee!)
    (I thought this was going to be a post about Basil Brush!)
    Here's to adventure, happy trails, V and Warren x

    p.s. so sorry to read about all your goodbyes, especially to the member of your family who died.

  6. Have a nice trip!
    I hope, everything will be alright:)

  7. Oh my does that little home look fun - can I stow away too please?! All the best for your trip and sorry to hear about your loss xx

  8. What a sweet little house on wheels. I'll be bold: show us the inside! Enjoy the adventure.

  9. Sorry to hear about your loss honey. I am loving your new ride! I can't wait to see the inside and what kind of new adventures you two have. Best of luck to you guys!!

  10. Sorry to hear about your loss.
    But what an adventure that's coming now. Only you two squirrels and so much freedom. I would like to do something like that somewhere in the future too.

  11. Haha! It really does look like Basil Brush...Boom Boom!
    Have fun.x

  12. Mr Basil!!!!
    Welcome,Mr Basil!
    Shame your first journey was a sad one,but o,what fun you will have with the lovely Squirrels on board!

  13. Very Sorry to hear about the loss of a loved one.

    Mr. Basil IS VERY awesome and he totally suits you and Mr. Squirrel. *OH MY GOSH* We need a Mr. Basil tour!!!

    P.S. I had the biggest smile on my face at your blog title Mr. Basil is such a cute name for your new home.

  14. Sorry for your loss.

    But I am excited to see Mr Basil - he looks awesome, as do you two.

    I am so excited to hear about your journeys around our beautiful country, I would love just to pack up and do something amazing like that!

    I would love to see you in Wellington :D

  15. Many hugs, sad to hear about so many goodbyes but hello to Mr Basil. I love how you're matching his 70s brownness with your own. Gorgeous. Xxxx

  16. Love the sticker on the front of the van, 'suits us 2', so sweet. And look how happy and relaxed you both look now!! Well done, can't wait to see what happens next.xx.

  17. SO EXCITING!!!! Any chance of some pics of the interior? I am MAD with curiosity! You look so happy and relaxed, Miss Squirrel.

    I'm so sorry for your family's loss - big hugs, darling.

    LOVE Sarah xxx

  18. Hi! You're friend with Trees so I decided to say hello.

    I really love your outfit and you're so lucky to be going on tour like that. It is one of my dreams to tour my country in an RV. I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

  19. sorry for your loss.

    mr basil ... wow, he totally matches your outfit. such a fashionable vehicle. can't wait to hear stories from the road...

  20. I'm very sorry for your loss. We recently (unexpectedly) lost someone (a second cousin to me) in our family, too, so I can relate to what you're going through.

    Wishing you a much better, more serene rest of the year, dear gal,

    ♥ Jessica

  21. I've been dying to see what your new home would be. It certainly looks bijou. like thorne garnet, I look forward to how you kit it out. I'm guessing that Mr Basil will replace that corny 'Suits us 2' Appropriate pun there though. Love your dress.

  22. Somehow I missed this post! Basil is so cute, and I love how the three of you all dress to co-ordinate the various shades of brown. I bet you are going to have an amazing time travelling up and down the country gypsy style!

  23. *hugs* for the sad loss in your family... But am so pleased you are both hitting up the road! Just read the article about lovely Shands Emporium being relocated and am missing you even more now!

    Safe travels Squirrels!

    Love and good vibes from ChCh <3

  24. I wish you both all the best in your new adventure and home.

  25. Hi there and thank you for stopping by at 'the nook', i popped over and took a quick look and i liked what i now i am a follower..
    Pixie x

  26. That's an awful lot of goodbyes and I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

    Your new home looks amazing - so seventies and I too love your co-ordinated look!

    Good luck

    Nikki x