Thursday, August 16, 2012

So tired my head is fuzzy..........

Oh poppets I was going to write so much to night, but I am so tired that just spelling fuzzy has been a mission. The rain has stopped and we are full on packing.
I was so excited to wear my 70's black faux furry jacket for one last wear before she is packed away into storage. I think I have my travel outfits sorted for the road trip, oh that has been a mission.
Night night sweet-peas..........

love v


  1. Oh the nightmare of moving! It will be worth it in the end. It's lovely to see more of your coat collection, the faux fair is fab! Looking forward to seeing your on the road adventures (and outfits) :) xx

  2. Yes, it will be hard to decide what to take and what to store I am sure Miss V but think of all the amazing treasure you will find while travelling the length and breadth of NZ!!! I am a tad envious! Tuck yourself in and get some well deserved rest xox

  3. You look so sweet and snuggly in that fabulous fur, she definitely deserved a final spin before being packed away.
    Ugh, deciding what to take and what to store must be VERY tricky. How long will you be away on your trip? Have I mentioned that I am EXCITED for you?!
    Now get some sleeeeeep! xxxxxxxxx

  4. gee you have some fabulous coats!

  5. you look very radiant and not at all tired! I love that coat, one of your very many - have you done a dress count?! x

  6. I love that fake fur, it's so glossy and glam on you!! With your enormous coat and beret collection it must be a nightmare deciding what to pack but whatever you choose is guaranteed to be fabulous! x

  7. This jacket is so beautiful! Tou deserved to rest:). Kisses

  8. Your coat is so lovely and I love it paqired with that sweet umbrella. Packing is not so much fun but once your on your travels it will be so worth it.

  9. You poor things - packing/moving always more of a mission than one would imagine!!
    Hope you get it all sorted soon. Well I spose you have to!

    Looking forward to seeing a post of you 2 beetling off...

  10. I loathe packing for trips!!!
    You may be fuzy, but you are super gorgeously attired in that scrummy coat!Love the brolly too!!!
    Speaking of tired,I'm about to have a nana nap!

  11. Oh! Big squirrel hugs! Drink plenty of liquids, eat right, snack on nuts! At least you look fantastic in that faux fur coat with the lovely red plaid umbrella. Hang in there! The open road calls...

  12. this is the perfect umbrella!
    packing for a longer trip is always special ...