Pick me........

Hello Sweet-pea!!!

Many of you commented on the truly magnificent glass-house when we bought St Biddies, and I have to say it was one of the very big ticks on the wish list for a new home. I do think it was a big factor in making this our new home here. We are slowly giving it a wee clean up, I am sure there are spiders in here that have been living in the glasshouse since it was built. Eeeekkk.
I just love the smell and that heavy dewey air that wraps around you when you walk in and look what this little hot-house is producing........beautiful red ripe tomatoes!!!!
I just love tomatoes and it makes me so very sad that they do not love me, I get quite sick when I have them, so I am going to have to make something out of them which will make a great gift.

Now just so you don't think I put on a dress to match the glass-house to pick tomatoes, we went into town today to get a few groceries and some bits for the market on Sunday.
I am so excited, because of the big space in the house I have the whole stall set up as a practice, it was funny getting up this morning and seeing all the treasure waiting patiently for a new home on the mock stall.

The most happy thing happened in the supermarket, this lovely old gentleman came up to me and said......"Excuse me lady you look so very pretty in that dress", oh what a very kind gentleman, I was pretty chuffed. 

love V

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