Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bits and Bobs from St Biddies..............

Hi Sweet-peas....

Oh my the week has gone by so very fast, we both have experienced that feeling of total exhaustion.
We have been so busy getting rooms painted, wood stacked, furniture moved and gardening.
There is just so much more we want to do before winter comes a knocking.

On Saturday we decided to head to Dunedin to pick up a few things for the next lot of projects and to go to the "Vintage Round-up Market". There was a real autumn feel in the air, perfect for the little mustard knit cardigan I bought from the "Vintage Cupboard". 
Well, the market was great and as much as I had told myself not to buy anything, the most gorgeous blue rose 50's cotton dress just had to come home with me. She is just so pretty!!!!
We had a fabulous day in the city, going out for lunch and mooching around.

Now since this is a "Bits and Bobs" post.....

*The fabulous tree tapestry cushion on the green settee, was a purchase especially for "St Biddies". We bought it from the truly lovely Anna who has taken over "Tiger Lily" in Oamaru, she has moved the shop a few doors down and it is just such a treat to visit.

*Mr Warren has cut his beard......goodbye furry traveling man.

*Meet "Mao" pussy-cat, he belongs to the previous owner of "St Biddies" and is staying with us for a month. You will probably see many photographs of him over that time.

*Look at our wee church on the hill, this is the view up the road looking back, she looks so nestled into the rolling hills.

*If any of you lovely poppets are in Lawrence next weekend, we are going to have a stall at the........

"Lawrence Clutha Gold Country Fair"
Sunday the 17th March
10am to 3pm

We are going to be selling some little "bits and bobs",

I am so excited........hmmmm will I wear gingham?????
or maybe green(St Patricks day)????

EEEEkkkk thats a lot of bits, sorry guys.

Love V&W

PS: love you all for the comments, warm fuzzies all round!!!


  1. You live in the most beautiful part of the country - I'm quite jealous!! Also your hair looks so adorable in these pictures:)

  2. have a lovely time at the market! :)

  3. Oh V you look so heavenly in that amazing frock!!! I love your mustard cardigan too, but that frock is to die for. I so long to soak in the atmosphere of St Biddies, it looks like a vintage paradise! And you know I would be at that market in a flash if I could be! If you ask me green is a must for Saturday, but I am the green freak! Xx

  4. What a beautuful setting for your lovely new home!

  5. What a beautiful print on that dress you are wearing, you look darling and not even a little tired. X

  6. Hi there...just found ur head over heals with ur vintageness!


  7. I'm not sure which I love more--your adorable outfit, or that shot of your little church home! What a gorgeous place to live in.

    Also loving Warren's striped scarf.

  8. That is the most beautiful dress and such a sweet cardie.

  9. I love this sweet cardigan! Moving is always exhausting, but so exciting:) Lovely cat. Kisses x x x x x

  10. Holy cow! What a beautiful place to call home. Lots of luck at the fair.

  11. What a gorgeous view you have of your new home - your heart must beat a little faster every time you see it from this view, nestled in the hill like that. Your new frock is lovely and I love it with the cardi and jaunty hat. As for the pillow - my kind of pillow! Xo

  12. Oh you squirrels, your new home is absolutely wonderful!!! I am so happy for you both to have found such a cozy place nestled in that bucolic setting. I can almost hear the swell of an orchestra in the background. You both look well amidst this happy exhaustion.

  13. What a beautiful rosy dress and I'm totally head over heels for mustard cardigans, but I must say the most gorgeous thing of all is that you have the sweetest smile.

  14. I'm thrilled to see your post full of bits and bobs of such delight!
    OMG, it looks SO idyllic!!! That lovely countryside!
    YOU are looking just gorgeous in that frock and sweet, sweet cardi! I ahve a fancy for a mustard cardi at the moment, funnily enough!
    Mao is adorable. Must be pookie heaven there!

  15. my jaw dropped when i saw the view! i don't have an adjective good enough to describe it!you both look relaxed and happy though, you are my official style crush! i covet your wonderful wardrobe x good luck at the fair

  16. it looks utterly beautiful, the countryside is stunning. Your skirt is beautiful and like Helgs I love the mustard cardi! Everything is deliciously perfect and I'm very jealous and very happy for you!

  17. It's like a film set, I can't believe that tranquil location. You and Warren look fantastic, too. St Biddies obviously suits you both!
    Love the inherited feline, isn't she a doll? So excited for your new venture. xxxx

  18. I agree with Vix, this is like something on screen it's so beautiful! You are looking extra sweet in these photos and I love that you are trying to get all snuggly for winter! Warren looks tired but very content!

  19. Congrats on moving in. It looks beautiful and welcome. How exciting!

  20. Holy guacamole, just when I thought your amazing place could not be any more beautiful... it's not real is it? It can't be!

    YOU look gorgeous, Miss V, and I love your pretty visitor. And holy amazingness, your new place is absolutely exquisite.

    Sarah xxx

  21. Wow WOW WOW i love where you are both living you must both wake up and feel so at peace with yourself and the world its truely beautiful, that little church and the surrounding countryside is truely breath taking. You look adorable as always and i love your little visitor he looks really sweet and ready to give lots of cuddles. Have fun at the fair, dee x

  22. Oh sweetie, your new home is coming along a treat ... your new cushies on the couch are giving me goosebumps and I LOVE the walk down the garden path with all the trellis work. I tell you, your place is heavenly!! As for your glorious frock, gracious me I'm in a spin and with the mustard cardi and wee brooch - PERFECTION!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  23. Love your dress. I too hadn't resisted to buy it. And that's really funny: I'm wearing almost the same cardigan in my latest outfit post. But mine isn't vintage. I bought it some years ago in a German shop. I hope you can relax a bit this week.

  24. Oh my goodness, Vanessa, that final photo of your home nestling in the beautiful countryside is just stunning!
    Love seeing all the little details of your new place, including gorgeous Mao, and your lovely new dress. If I didn't think the world of your and Warren, I would be SOOOOO jealous! But I can't be, cos you're such sweet squirrels! xxxxxx

  25. I love your dress - you look gorgeous. Mr Warren looks very fine in his jacket and scarf, my Mr would like a corderoy jacket like that. St Biddies is such a lovely name and looks very charming nestled into the hills. We are coming to Lawrence on Saturday and hope to see you!

  26. Such a beautiful home and setting and another gorgeous dress!