Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Little post girl........

Oh my goodness it was so so cold here today the wind was cutting......Chop chop chop....
This wee red leaf dress was from my gorgeous friend Christina, sorry the pics aren't so good I was to cold to stand still.
 Aahhh better rugged up and off to the post to send some Etsy parcels with my
 little red satchel which is perfect.
Wearing on my coat a fabulous silver lobster brooch, it always makes me think of the beautiful Miss Mel at Vintage Coconut
Sitting here in front of a nice warm fire.....
Aaaaahh Winter is here wee Kiwi's

love v


  1. Oh I spotted that little lobster and immediately thought of Melanie too!
    Your appropriately autumnal frock is lovely and you look toasty and warm in your layers! xxx

  2. I just checked out your weather and it's not much cooler than ours at the moment!!! How depressing, but at least you look adorable all snuggled up. I'm all snuggled up too, but am quick pissed off about it!

  3. I love that dress! Shame you're having to get out the gloves already, feels far too warm for a British girl in the states at the moment! I'd even welcome coldness and gloves right now!

  4. I love that dress on you, Miss V! the appliquéd leaves are just darling. You look so snuggly and cute in your angora beret and mittens I just want to give you a bear hug. xxx

  5. Well it surely looks like fall has come to you.
    You look so cute all bundled up. And I must admit AS SOON as I seen your first coat picture my head said: SHE HAS A LOBSTER PIN!! *hahaha* That is really what it said!

    P.s. I love that bag of yours.

  6. You look so sweet all rugged up! I always love your cute brooches! I can't say I'm jealous of your weather freezing cold is too much for me! xxx

  7. Oh you are gorgeous, as always, Miss V! Love the gorgeous grey/red combo - and mittens!!! WHY DON'T I HAVE RED MITTENS???? It was minus 3 and super thick fog this morning - I don't like it!

    Sarah xxx

  8. PERFECT Wintery attire!!
    I know, I can't look at ANY seafood without thinking of Ms Coconut!
    Adoring the tights and that lovely satchel!!!MMMMMM!
    Grey and red is always perfetc,I don't know WHY Sarah hasn't got red mittens,silly moo.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  9. That dress is so cute with the leaves and I love your tights. It has been freezing lately but it's a good excuse to wear hats and gloves.

  10. cuuuute dress. love it's colour!

  11. You have the best coats amor!
    I love the red/grey combo, yup mittens are a must for this cold weather.