Shattered Squirrel!!!!!!

Oh sweet-peas I am so sorry for my lack of posts and comments.
I am a very shattered little squirrel.
The sale was amazing!!!!!
We had a huge turn-out of treasure hunters and were very humbled by the support.
The beautiful Andrea all the way from "Texas" came twice, second time with coffee and friend Christina, aarrhhh coffee.
Mummy to be Hannah went home with vintage happiness.
The sweetest poppet Mirabel found and took home one of my favorite dresses.
The truly lovely Miss Helga and pretty Miss Brodie came, they both found yummy treasures that I know have gone to wonderful homes.
So so many more all making for happy squirrels.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We had a very happy Ella pussy-cat who spent the weekend pat drunk from the attention.

love v

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