Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shattered Squirrel!!!!!!

Oh sweet-peas I am so sorry for my lack of posts and comments.
I am a very shattered little squirrel.
The sale was amazing!!!!!
We had a huge turn-out of treasure hunters and were very humbled by the support.
The beautiful Andrea all the way from "Texas" came twice, second time with coffee and friend Christina, aarrhhh coffee.
Mummy to be Hannah went home with vintage happiness.
The sweetest poppet Mirabel found and took home one of my favorite dresses.
The truly lovely Miss Helga and pretty Miss Brodie came, they both found yummy treasures that I know have gone to wonderful homes.
So so many more all making for happy squirrels.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We had a very happy Ella pussy-cat who spent the weekend pat drunk from the attention.

love v


  1. YAY! SO glad your sale was such a delightful success V! And HELLO TARTAN COAT AND VELVET BOW!!!! You are gorgeous, as always. Big hugs! Sarah xxx

  2. The sale was wonderful!
    The lollies were delicious!
    And that dress is amazing! I can't put it in the wardrobe yet - I just want to look at it all the time.

    Hope you guys put your feet up today xxxx

  3. I'm so glad it was a success, Miss V! I knew it would be, you have exquisite taste, after all.
    I love that tartan coat on you and that duffle bag takes me right back to my childhood, I haven't seen one for years. x

  4. Like Vix, I remember those tartan duffle bags from being little. Gorgeous coat, Vanessa. And who would ever know you are exhausted, you look as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as ever!
    I am so pleased the sale went well, how I wish I could have come shopping with all the lovely ladies and gone home with some special Two Squirrels treasure...
    Now put your feet up for a little while, you deserve a rest.xxxxx

  5. Well done on the sale success! I do like that red chair in the background of your photographs, it's delightful. As is that kitty.

  6. Ella is so sweet!
    I love your coat!
    So glad your sale went well, promise to send out your squirrels ASAP!

  7. I saw some pics over on Helga's site. I'm so glad it went well for you. You sell some beautiful cothes xx

  8. I'm SO pleased it went well! There were heaps of peeps when we turned up, and we were practically bang on time!
    I'm thrilled with my scores!! I know Brodie and Ayesha and Raya are thrilled with thier scores also!! Glad we could help empty you out a bit!
    O,that tartan coat makes my hear SKIP a BEAT!Gorgeous!
    You may be knackered,but you look beautiful!XXXXXXXXXX

  9. I was so envious reading about your wonderful sale on everybody elses blogs! I'm coming down to Christchurch next week so I just missed out! Next time I'll have to time it better.

  10. I dearly wish I could have come out to your sale, but my Concord is in the garage! I'm glad it went well, and hope you can save all those little nuts for winter! Your coat is divine! And I love how the first two photos don't quite match up - it seems to mirror that "shattered" part of your blog title! I wonder if that was intentional? The bow-tie is wonderful too.

  11. I love your coat! One day, I will have to come on down to Chch for one of your fabulous sales, I see some of the amazeballs things Helga gets from you and I am quite jealous!

  12. awesome coat and bag... good to hear the sale was a big success. would love to come to your sales one day. :)
    i can't wait to go for treasure hunt, when my foot is recovered.

  13. I'm so glad the sale went well. I can see why you would be shattered. There were so many people when we came. I love your tartan coat.

  14. I'm so glad you sale went great!
    You sure look scrumptious in tartan fabulosa coat.