Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time......... Where are you??????

I feel like the last couple of weeks have been sucked in to some kind of vortex.
We have been busy wee squirrels working on the house and sorting out the garden.
Then to really put a spanner in the works I have been feeling yucky the last few days. 
The couch was my friend yesterday.
This is the pathway Mum and I finished last week. Perfect new photo spot.
The dress with the satchel size pockets is so comfortable, I bought it from a wee second hand shop in Rangiora. Worn with all op-shop finds head to toe.

Ok on the run from the vortex.

love v


  1. That dress is sooo pretty! You've styled it very romantically! Tres feminine and almost flapper-ish in look. :)

  2. Lovely details in the this outfit and you look great, I always look dreadful if I've been ill! If you find out how to stop the time vortex thing do let me know, I need at least another 2 hours in the day.

  3. What a fabulous dress, I love the huge pockets and your gorgeous smile in the last photo!
    You and your Mum have done good work with the path. hope you feel lots better soon and that time slows down for you! xxx

  4. awesome dress... and such a nice photo location...

  5. What a gorgeous print on that dress, and as always you look beautiful. Good work on the path, and good luck out-running that pesky vortex! xxxx

  6. That is a dress beyond words - I love it so. Didn't we meet in Paris two weeks ago? I don't know what has happened to time here too... I hope you feel better soon!! Nibbles and liquids and lots and lots of TLC.

  7. I love your expressions in these photos. The dress is fantastic and the gorgeous shade of green on the fence is a perfect backdrop!

  8. In the portrait you look a bit like a snow princess with that lovely fluffy beret and the cute little rose in your dark hair. Love it!

  9. EEEEEK indeed!
    It feels like a mad vortex all the time,and my weekend was an even speedier one!!!
    You are a gorgeous thing,you are! Hard working squirrles,you need a wee break, methinks!
    Hope you're feeling a little better now!

  10. Ahhhh trhedrr===esss yaummy xxx