Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy Little bumblebee!!!!!!

Hey sweet-peas, sorry life seems to be busy at the moment!!!
I have been in scruffs for days now as we have been doing lots of work on the house.
Overalls all the way!!!!
Tomorrow we are painting the kitchen and putting down a pathway.
This busy bumble bee activity is because we are putting our little house on the market soon.
Yip the squirrels are on the move!!!!

Oh I wanted to show you the wee treasure's I found when we went to a few garage sales on Saturday.
All this for $10.00, yip I was pretty happy.
The ring and oval brooch are both silver. 

love v


  1. I was thinking it was rather quiet in Squirrel land. I hope the home improvements go smoothly for you, but where oh where will you be off to? Lovely garage sale finds...such interesting treasures! Love Xx

  2. You are so cute in your overalls! I love it and what a great haul for only $10. Good luck with selling your house.

  3. Yay yay yay yay yay for Squirrel in overalls!!! You are so super cute, V. So many changes for you guys - good for you. Love your delightful treasures - especially the queenie badge!

    Sarah xxx

  4. Loving the overalls! Moving how exciting, I've never ever done it! Sweet treasures. xxx

  5. How exciting about moving! Being British I can't not like the gorgeous little royalty pins! So cute.

  6. How exciting, Squirrels on the move but to which new tree will they go, and in which forest?!
    You look so cute in your dungarees, and I love all your new treasures, especially the rectangle-shaped brooch. xxxx

  7. Loving your cool overalls! Yay, how amazing for you little squirrerlys.

  8. Good luck for the moving and congratulations for your 'always amazing' finds:I love the queen brooch!!
    Your dungarees is uber pretty and the rabbit too cute!

  9. How exciting! Wishing you lots of luck with it all.
    You look adorable in your dungarees and that kitty cat of yours is so precious. xxx

  10. Great garage sale finds, for a sweet price too.
    Squirrels on the move? Sounds like it should be a movie! Or maybe it already is. *hahaha*

  11. Great jewellery finds. Good luck with the move, hope it's not too stressful!

  12. I literally clutched myself over the Queenie badge!!EEEK!
    I figured you must be busy getting the house ready! We drove past on Saturday evening and all the lights were on and it looked empty!!Weird! Go hard,my darlings,and take frequent rests!XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  13. I'm the same as Helga! Love the queenie badge too! And your overalls! very cute xx