Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Confession time........

Ok after I said a few posts ago that I really do have a huge amount of polka dot dresses, and the amazing Miss Helga asked the question how many????
Confession Time........
The naughty wee squirrel has 18 polka dot dresses!!!!!!!!
I really do love them.....
From the lovely comments so do you.....

Oh oh the super cute wee bow brooch was a lovely present from the lovely Miss Helga too.
Sweet-peas I am so sorry for the lack of words from me on your lovely blogs, we have just been crazy with the "Sale" here this weekend. 

love v

Who was the lucky winner???????


  1. Oh you are naughty - 18!!! Is there a Polka Dots Anonymous group you can join? You are polka dotty!
    But they are all uniquely special, all so pretty - and what the hell, why not?!
    Hope the sale prep is going well. xxxxx

  2. Wow I think you must have a bad case of polka-dot-itus! So many spotty frocks! I hope we get to see you modelling them all. Wishing you well for the Squirrel sale. Xx

  3. I love norty-ness of nearly every kind and 18 spotty frocks is utterly delish!! The look on your face is priceless - it's the look of love:))) xoxoxoxo

  4. You can never have enough of them! Im searching for the perfect one at the moment!
    please check out my new blog x

  5. That last dress is amazing!! I love your polka dot dresses, I only have three-ish! xx

  6. That looks such a lovely collection of dotty dots. I love all the colours you have them in too - one to match every mood x

  7. I'm see spots and they are all causing me to have dress envy BIGTIME! I love all your polka dot dresses! Good luck with the sale my dear!

  8. Besides loving your polka dot dresses as much as could be I also got a glimpse at your great collection of - I think - old plates. They're so pretty and remind me of the vintage china collection of Bristol Vintage, that you can hire for parties. You can have a look here:

  9. 18 polka dot dresses!! HOLY HECK I don't know if I even have 1.
    ("I did but I sent it to England...")

  10. OMG I am so envious! What a wonderful collection - I don't think you can ever have too many things that make you feel wonderful and polka dots are so playful and fun. You have inspired me to go and see if the green and navy polka dot dress is still at the Hospice shop at lunch time.... xx

  11. EEEEEEEK!! 18!!! How bloody marvellous,you ought to be proud,darling!!! I love 'em! Gotta collect something,and why not polka dot frocks,amongst other things! XXX
    PS-I remember trying on that frock....and loving it...but I got the turquoise one...

  12. A sea of polka dot dresses. How fun! You can never have too many polka dot anything.

  13. That's a lot of polka dot dresses!!!! You should be very proud because you always look so lovely in them!
    Wishing you lots of luck with the sale. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Ha ha I love this post because it makes me feel less guilty about all the polka dot clothes I have (not quite 18!!!)We can't help it, we can't help it (repeat after me!!)xx

  15. I absolutely adore polka dots, too, and thought I quite a few dresses (maybe five - off the top of my head), but you, dear gal, have really got one heck of an awesome collection going on here. So cool - and cute!!! :)

    Wishing you a gorgeous, relaxing weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  16. I see you are having a polkadot overdose, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    My always gorgeous friend

  17. YAY!!! I love polka dot frocks too - you look beautiful V! Sarah xxx

  18. oh, i probably have the same confession... i'm a maniac for polkadots! love your collection!


  19. 18 polka dot dresses amor! I am a polka dot whore myself.
    You look ravishing in princess dress.