Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moving on...........

Thank you for all the comments yesterday and a couple of questions that I need to answer.
The story is that after a year of uncertainty 
 We are "Moving on".
As I said yesterday we are putting the house on the market as soon as we can.
We are also winding up "Two Squirrels Vintage" in its current form. The blog, Facebook and Esty will continue but will transition into our new direction when we have settled.
I feel some sadness that we have come to this decision, but also feel excited to start a new adventure, its  time to make new dreams come true.
There will be a final "goodbye" sale in the nest before we go.
I hope that all you sweet peas will support us through this next stage as the friends and connections we have made through this love of vintage has been amazing.

love v 


  1. Onwards and upwards, Miss V! Things can only continue to get better and better for you. You are such a beautiful woman (both inside and out) and you deserve the very best life has to offer.
    I love your velvet coat and the collar of that frock makes me go weak at the knees! xxx

  2. That is a loss for Christchurch but definitely a gain for whichever city you grace the shores of next. It is truly awful how your amazing vintage empire was marred by the earthquakes but I know you will keep moving on to bigger and better things, and I hope you can keep us up to date with future developments. I also hope I can make it down for your final sale. xo

  3. Oh you will succeed in whatever you choose to do my dear friend! You have such a positive attitude, glorious eye for detail and a spunky 'tude! I will always follow your vintage adventures wherever they may go. I used the blue patchwork bag today and enjoy every fondling moment:)) xxx

  4. All the best in our new plans - i'm sure everything will go smashingly!

  5. oh no! as long as it's the best thing for you both and we still get to see your gorgeous self on blogger it's all peachy

  6. Oh no how sad :(. I can definitely see how you might be in need of a change though after all you have been through. Will you be staying in Christchurch or moving elsewhere? The best of luck to you for everything, I'm sure all sorts of new and amazing opportunities are going to pop up. x
    P.S glad the blog will still be going!

  7. Oh my! I feel really sad, but I understand every good book needs a new chapter! All the best :) www.herlux.blogspot.com

  8. I suspect we are all rather enamoured of you,and there will be no end of support!!!
    You shine in blogland,and the vintage world,as such a wonderful lady;the pair of you,in fact, are exemplary peeps! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  9. Yay! Change is good! Where are you going? How exciting!

    You look BEAUTIFUL in that fab velvet coat - and the frock (collar!!!) is splendid!

    Sarah xxx

  10. I'm so happy that you're embarking on a new adventure. This past year has been so hard for the two of you so I hope this is the start of something wonderful.
    You look fabulous. I love the velvet coat.

  11. Despite some sadness, I am sure you and Warren will make a great success of whatever you decide to do next, wherever you go. You are such a lovely lady, Miss V, your kindness and sweet nature shine out of your photos and your words. You look beautiful, what a stunning coat. xxxxxx

  12. I hope your new plans are all that you hope for!! The pattern on this frock is so sweet. xx

  13. With all endings come new beginnings! I hear the sadness in your words and can see it a little in these photos, I wish you both all the best in whatever's next! I think you are an incredibly strong and beautiful woman. Keep your chin up, we are all cheering for you!