Tuesday, November 6, 2012

BA BA Boom........

Oh No!!!!!
We just about had a disaster today as we were driving to the very tip of New Zealand Cape Reinga, when we hit a very bouncy run away lamb that was out on the road. It was all pretty scary but thank goodness he jumped, hit the car aerial, broke it and only brushed the side of "Basil". The farmer was there and picked him up off the side of the road said he was OK,  I was a little shaken as we had to brake pretty heavily, talk about a close call.

So after 60 nights, 35 different places to stay, hundreds of photographs and 5161kms
The Two Squirrels in Basil on Tour have travelled from the bottom of New Zealand to the very top!!!!!
Bluff to Cape Reinga.

Wow we have done it!!!!!!

Yay Yay Yay.....

Thank you to all you truly fabulous and amazing poppets that have followed and supported us, you are all wonderful little Sparklers!!!!!!!

But wait... it's not over yet!!!

Now we start back down the west coast.
More adventures......

lOVe V&W

PS: In memory of Mo (warrens mum and dads pussycat) who went to pussy heaven today. Xxxxx


  1. Naww, NZ is so freakin' smaaaallll!! you are lucky!!

  2. Wow - what a wonderful trip - congrats you guys! SO GLAD THE LITTLE LAMB WAS OK! Big hugs, Sarah xxx

  3. Congratulations! What a journey, I'm so happy we hitched a ride with you.
    Sending lots of love to Warren's Mum and Dad, losing a puss is so sad. xxx

  4. Congratulations! I'd like to visit New Zealand so much after I've followed your posts about that great country. Too bad that it is soooooo far away on the other side of earth. I'm curious about your new adventures and wish you the best for your way back. Hugs from Miss Maple

  5. Scary! I'm glad you two and the lamb are all okay. I've loved following your adventures. I can't wait to see what you get up to on the west coast.

  6. so sad about mo, sending hugs to all - i have been soo busy and have missed the squirrels so much, i have loved all of your adventures, i have read them all avidly, i look forward to the next - stay safe and fabulous x

  7. You crazy adventurers! I'm glad you've made this journey so far in safety, with lots of wonderful stories and posts. I'm so relieved you escaped tragedy. Have fun trundling down the west coast now. And good night, sweet Mo. Sadness.

  8. You guys look retro fabulous as always! Glad the lamb was ok - scary! I'm looking forward to the west coast trip - I've never made it up or down that way. Aww Mo - I know how that feels - xxx

  9. Oh no that is a crazy story about the lamb. I hit a cat when I was 17 and it was the worst thing ever!!!! I'm so glad that you were all ok. I can't believe you have gone the full length of NZ. I can't wait to come along for the trip back down. This truly is an adventure of a lifetime!